Chi town and Madison Surprises, Mid West Bound!

After my lovely sweaty 3 weeks in New York heat I decided to make a trip to the midwest to visit my best friend Cat. Before I went to Madison Wisconsin I wanted to check out Chicago for a couple of days. So I left New York and got a ride through ride share and drove from new york to chicago.  Very interesting going through all the small midwest cities. I definitely was in middle america. As usual I did some more couch surfing. Got hosted by this guy named tim that’s a funky chi town DJ. He had a super sweet place and had the cutest wiener dog named tugboat. We went to a couple of parties which was fun and I strolled around down town a bit. Visited the famous chicago bean and took some silly pictures. Walked in a garden and got stung by a bee. All in all I had a pretty good time in chicago even though it was short. Then off I went on a bus to Madison Wisconsin to visit my best friend.



Three hours later I make it to Madison.  my besty picks me up from the bus station and surprises me with a bundle of joy in her belly. She completely surprises me by being 5 months pregers. Its was a compleat and total suprise because she had kept it from me for so long. But it was great news. We did a lot of catching up. Me and Cat can talk for hours about everything and nothing. We would be mostly just chillen in the house with air conditioning because there was a crazy heat wave going on and it was in the 100’s. But when we wernt talking our ears off we would go go little trips to the lake and just hangout or go kayaking. Or make really good salads. Cat was growing really good romain lettuce from her garden. So we were eating really good and so was her soon to come bundle of joy. We also did some crafting and made some earrings we had alot of girl time. Well it was great catching up with my best friend and talking about baby stuff. After a week it was time to go back to californina. The cheapest way for me to come back was to do a combo of roadtrip and a flight out of montana to oakland. It was sad saying good by again. But next time I see here shes going to have a lil baby boy in her arms. I was off to montana. Heres some photos I shot out the window.


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