New York Blues

After Paris it was time for me to come back to the states. It had been approximately 2 years and 4 months since i had been back. But before i got to New York I had a connecting flight in Berlin. I was kind of had a little doubt in my mind about going through customs because my visa. I went over my visa about 8 months. Oooooooooops my bad! I new that it was a risk, but I did it any way. What can I say,”im a risk taker”.  When I got to the gate and showed the guy  my Passport he flipped through it and saw that first of all there were barely any stamps in it because my last passport got stolen and then second that my last stamp was about 8 months ago. I was getting really nervous because he kept flipping through it and then he was talking to the other guy in German and I had no idea what they were saying to each other. To me anything in German sounds bad. I don’t know about you but for me the language is kind of harsh sounding. No offense to you Germans. Anyway after 5 minutes that seemed like hours I finally saw his hand go the stamp and grab in and thing bing, bang, boom! There  was a stamp for me. Yesssssssss! There was this huge sense of relief once that happened and now I was on my way to New York,yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

So My whole reason for coming to new York first was to see my beautiful older sister Lydia that’s been living here for years. Also to meet my mothers new boyfriend. So when I flew in my mother flew in as well, so I got to see her too. My stay consisted of me chillen with my sister. Catching up with my blogs. Wondering around the city,  skateboarding, being up to no good with my friend that just moved to new york from california. Meeting up with a friend that I had met in Egypt and taking photos. As you see all these photos are in blue. It just happened that a lot of the photos I took were in blue so i went with it.



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