Oui, Paris

 Well my time was up in Barcelona and time for me to go to Paris. My lovely friends Janine, Cristina ane Jaz came with me to wish me a fair well out of Barcelona. Bon voyage I went, on a  12 hour bus ride to Paris.  I decided to do more couch surfing again. Lucky me I got hosted by the sweetest parisan guy I’ve ever met. He met me at the subway station and helped me with my bags to his place because I was now moving back to the states and I had a good amount bags on me. I would have been such a damsel in distress if I would have had to do it by myself. It was a long bus ride and I was pretty wrecked but since I only had 3 days in Paris I wanted to take advantage of it. So that ment no resting for me.

So Lamine my couch surfing host had a scooter. Which was so much fun. There was one unfortunate thing that did happen though. On the bus ride my camera got wet and I was unable to use it. Such a horrible feeling especially when you’re in a new country and city and even more when you love to take photos.  I felt like I was missing a limb. So since I didn’t have a camera Lamine was so kind to snap photos and let me use his camera every once and while with his camera and phone. So there’s kind of  a lot of photos of just me. I managed to pack in a lot of things in so little time. Walks though the city, picnic in the park,coffees in cafes, drinks with his friends in their flat. Some urban explorations at night. Scooter rides, a trip to the effle tower. Watching cute street bands play, eating yummy crepes. Meeting friends for afternoon drinks. Sunsets looking over the beautiful city. Walking through the bohemian streets of paris.  A visit to Moulin Rouge, more drinks and conversations at friends. scooter rides in the rain.  A trip to the natural history museum, walks through gardens, eating pastries, painting on walls and so much more. I had such a fun time in Paris. I only wish I had a few more days. my time in Paris was short and sweet.





















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