Final Destination Santiago Compostela

By this time it was getting hotter and hotter and I was getting browner and browner. I even made it so the sea which was nice to feel some coastal breeze. But then also walked away from it as well. I also saw this really cool lizard that looked like it was from a tropical jungle. With a blue head and a green body with black freckles, was not expecting to see something like that.After walking over 60km I was starting to develop a blister on my foot. From Pontrevdra to Caldas De Reis it was about 23km. By the time I got there it was a full on blister the size of a quarter. Totally yuckville! It was time to pop that shit, really disgusting. I’ve never had a blister this big ever in my life. Now I know why there are such things as 15 or 20 dollar socks. It’s no joke! I guess I always learn the hard way. Time for beer!

The next morning like usual I was the last person to get up and leave. I’m just not a morning person. Todays destination was Padron. This was a rough day for me. It was about a 19km walk not that far but this blister was really killing me. It felt like I was walking on a tac for 5 hours. I was walking really slow because I wasnt able to put a lot of pressure on my foot.  It was even hotter than yesterday and I ran out of water early and there was no where for me to fill up. By the time I got to Padron I was pretty much on empty. The only thing I could think of was ice cold beer. and that’s just what I did. The first place I passed I pounded a beer. Then the next place got another beer. By the time I got to my alburge I think I drank about 4 beers. It took the edge off the blister. When I got there I pretty much passed out for a couple of hours.  I was talking to this physical therapist about my blister and had asked to take a look at the blister. He said it was pretty bad because there was a blister on a blister. Gnarly! He recommended that I cut it off. he said he would do it for me. Theres no way that I could do it myself. I was totally grossed out.It looked like a piece of jamon to me. I couldn’t eat pork for a couple of days because of it.

The next day I was off to Santiago Compostela. I Put theses things on over my blister to protect it and off I went. So throughout the trip when you get to spain they have these clam shells everywhere pointing you in the direction where you need to go. I walked across this one bridge with clam shells all along it. More cool big black slugs.

On the route walking through all the villages you see so many old crosses and jesus sculptures and littles places to go play. What I think I loved most about doing the walk going through all the villages and  seeing all the old abandoned houses and how the nature has taken over  and seeing  everyone’s beautiful gardens. I made me wish I had a garden. Once I settle down a bit I know I will have one but who knows when that’s going to happen. Also I was walking past a lot of cemeteries. So the thought of death was swimming around head.

Finally I made it to Santiago Compostela. I wanted to collapse I formed another blister on my other foot.  I was so glad to get there.  When I got there it was packed with other walkers coming from all different routes. The in side of the place was covered in gold and everyone was waiting in line to see the sarcophagus of saint james. I cover a little over 100 km though Portugal and Spain. My journey was almost done. the next day I was back to find my way to Barcelona and stay for a week then off to Paris. Then back to the states.


One thought on “Final Destination Santiago Compostela

  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad to have you back CIndy! I’ll see you soon!

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