My Camino, Point De Lima to Tui

The next day of my camino I woke up to a beautiful sunrise, ate some breakfast and started off to my next destination which was Rubiaes which was 20k away with a big incline. The beginning of the walk was so pretty the path had yellow flowers following it along the side everywhere . The nature was at its peak very lush and green from the rains. Flowers were blooming because of spring.  The air was fresh and fragrant of blossoms. I think it was the perfect time to do the walk. Birds chirping and slugs crossing. There were these huge amazing big black slugs  crossing my path. I think the biggest one I saw was about 7 inches long.



Since I was getting low on water I stopped off at this little spot with a cute little waterfall and filled up my water bottle ate a banana and just chilled for a bit, because I was about to hike up a big mountain. Since I was pretty much walking alone the whole time It gave me a lot of time to collect my thoughts. Lots and lots of thinking. But when I didn’t want to think anymore I would blast my headphones and sing out loud, I loved it. This mountain was getting pretty steep. Huffing and puffing my way up. Sometime while going up the mountain I would make these crazy ugly faces while hiking up because I felt that it helped me out. Pretty scary huh! May I remind you that I was also carrying a 25-30 pound back pack.  So it was a kind of tough at times.

                                                                              When I finally got to the top of the mountain I totally did the whole rocky thing and was jumping up and down with my arms up in the air like a total dork.  Got down into the valley and my this time I was super hungry I walked past the 2 cows that were grazing they so cute  licking each others faces and there was this bird that was hanging out with them too following them around. So I decided to sit on this stone fence and eat lunch with the cows. I also passed by a pig and her litter of piggies, adorable! I wanted to get close to them so I could take a photo but the momma pig was all territorial. So I threw an apple to the pig to distract it so I could take a photo of the little piggies but  then the momma started to chase me. I  did however  get a photo in mid chase, it  was pretty scary.

Well finally made it to the alberge. Took my stinky socks off waited for the shower and made some dinner, read a bit watched a movie and passed out. The next day was going to be last day in Portugal. I was going to cross over to northern spain. The walks in Portugal have been so beautiful and yellow.  Dividing Portugal and spain is a Rio so I walked over the bridge and made my way into tui spain.  I didn’t stay here I needed to skip this walk because I was on a time crunch and it wasnt one of the nicest walks anyway. A lot of it was walking in industrial areas. So I didn’t mind skipping this one. I took the bus out of Tui to Pontrevdra.


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