The Beginning of my Camino de Santiago

Ok im back on my blog ready to start massive posts I know its been days again. The last few months have been pretty busy with lots of traveling. So while I was in Barcelona I decided before I came back to the states that I wanted to do the camino de Santiago . If you don’t know what the camino de Santiago is her is a link that you can check out for more info.

I was really in need of some alone time and need to get away from constantly beings around people 24/7 from working at the hostel. I’m not really a religious person but I would like to think im pretty spiritual. Lots of people say that but can’t deny what I am. After traveling around Portugal a bit I was ready for my walk. I was supposed to do the walk for 2 weeks but I ended only doing it for 6 days. I was just having so much fun in Portugal that I didn’t want to leave.

I started out in Barcelos. I actually had to walk like 5 km there from the train station and then the next day I started the walk for reals. The town is quite small with a cute lil center with a beautiful rose garden. With statues of cocks everywhere. When I say cocks I mean roosters, he he! My destination was Point De Lima which was about 31km away there was no way that I would make it there my night time because I got a late start. I got the most horrible sleep in the alburge. That the name of the place where the pilgrims sleep its kinda like a hostel but only for the people who are doing the camino. the night before maybe like 4 hours of sleep it was cold and people were snoring so loud and im a super lite sleeper. So I had to do a combo of walking and hitchhiking. Also it was pouring rain as well.  I did about 8km and decided to do some hitchhiking  to get out of the rain for a bit because I was cold and wet and didn’t want to get sick. This guy picks me up and ends up he is an owner of a circus and also a stripper, ha ha! I had mentioned that I fire dance and he had asked me if I would like to join the circus for a bit.  If I wasnt on a time schedule I probably would have join the circus for a while. It has always been one of my dreams since I was a little kid. Oh well wasnt my time. Anyway he dropped me off at the next alburge. Were I ate for a bit dried off and chilled until the rain stopped.  I didn’t want to stay at that one because I didn’t have enough time. so I was back on the road again.











Off and on with the rain, soggy socks and sun shine rain showers, really pretty. So green and vibrant. After around 14 km I finally make it to Point De Lima. Another tiny town with a river running though it. Put my stuff down at the alberge rested my feet a bit put some flip flops on went to the little market to buy some dinner then crashed. to get ready for the next morning.The sunset was amazing with these cotton candy clouds.





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