Porto Lisbon

I don’t have much to talk about Porto. I was only here 2 days and the first day  I stayed  here it was pouring rain so I only had a day here really. Porto like Lisbon is very picturesque with its houses and buildings standing on hilly small streets but what makes it different from Lisbon is that’s its a lot smaller and it has a big river in the middle of it.  With buldings and houses along the riverside.


So Porto is very know for its port wine hence the name of the city. Well when I use to bartend the was a port wine that was called “Cockburn’s” I always thought it was such a silly name for a bottle of booze but that’s what it’s called and ‘ is made in Porto.  Most all port wines are all made in this small city of Porto. I did a little wine tasting myself. Personally me I don’t really like port wines their way to sweet for me but different strokes for different folks.












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