Lisboa Portugal

I know I always say this about a different city but for reals, I really love Lisbon.  Maybe I fall in love easy but whateves! The people are really nice and friendly. The food is good and cheap. The night life is fun. They have beaches and the city is beautiful with a lot of character. Maybe the only down side that people might not like  that there’s so many hills that you have to walk up and down but I didn’t mind because I knew that it would get my ass in shape.

I got to Portugal in the beginning of May it was dark and rainy. For this trip I could not find any couch surfers to stay with but a friend from Cali that was in Barcelona hooked me up with a friend of his. He’s also from California but he has been living in Lisbon for the Past couple years. He did offer to let me stay at his place but he had just moved into a new place because his old place caught on fire but his new place just got renovated and their was nothing in it except for dust so he told me a about this hostel near his place so I stayed there. His name is chef parks and he works at a really good vegan restaurant and he introduced me to some of his friends which were really nice and a lot of fun.

I spent a lot of time walking around Lisbon taking photos of the city, people, old buildings, graffiti and street art. the street art and graffiti will be in another blog. I really enjoyed taking photos here. I felt like around every corner there was something interesting to take a photo of. I think some of my favorite photos where of the old people. I thought the old men were so cute with their canes and hats.

Besides taking a lot of photos I did my fair share of  eating and drinking as well. Too much beer cuz its so cheap and a lot of these delicious pork sandwiches called bifanas. they were the cheapest most delicious filling thing to eat. Slowly simmered in beer squirt a lil mustard and peri peri sauce, which is hot sauce and take a bite. It was my weakness there. I also had to try the snails too which were really good with beer. From all the beer and sandwiches I was growing a lil bifana belly! that was my new nick name for my belly! ha ha


While I was there was this jazz festival going on, on the weekend for the month of May. They were always in a different spots.  The first one I went to was at this really nice view point over looking the bay and the bridge and then the others was at this really nice park. I spent a total of about 2 weeks in Lisbon, I was really only suppose to stay 5 day but I was having so much fun  and getting lured into staying longer for my birthday. I will have another blog just for my b day and more on street art and Lisbon in black and white. I know it’s a lot just on Lisbon, but like I said there were photos around every corner.

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