Valencia, Las Fallas Festval

In March I went to this epic festival in Valencia in the middle of march called Las Fallas. It’s a week-long festival of fireworks, firecrackers, and fire. You could literally hear people start lighting firecrackers as early as 8am in the morning going until 6am so pretty much 24 hours of firecrackers the city sounded and looked like a war zone with the smell of smoke and sulfur in the air. Here is a blog explaining more of why they celebrate this festival

Well the reason why I went to this festival was one it looks amazing and two was meeting up with a friend I met from Madrid.  She was originally  going to come to Barcelona but then I heard about this festival and thought it would be fun to checkout. Of course did some more couch surfing. Me and my friend Jennifer had to find 2 different  couch host because it was really hard to find someone to host 2 people, I think because of the festival.  So I found this California dude from San Luis Obispo super close to where im from and he offered to host me.  His names Trevor and he’s a traveling baseball player he gets paid to play in different countries, pretty sweet job right! He even gave me the keys to his place when he had to leave for the weekend for his game. He also had a pretty nice flat with a sweet terrace. Which we had a great time throwing fireworks and fire crackers off. One night we were out on he terrace and someone was lighting fireworks really close to his place. They were so close that they were actually hitting us.

Besides enjoying all the fire festivities I also enjoyed my fare share of food tasting. My first thing I tried were these fried things of goodness called bundelos. Sooooooooooo good, soo fresh. There kinda like doughnuts, but made  with pumpkin, my faves! With a dash of powdered sugar on top, Ummmmmmmm! You’ll see old ladies mixing up huge batches of it and then ploppen pieces in the deep fryer! Bomb! Ooooooooh then I had to dive into the pork madness. I just followed my nose and  then I found underneath it a grill full of different kinds of pork sizzling away. Exactly what I wanted but I couldnt decide what kind of samich I wanted. There was pork sausage, a chorizo and then some kind of piece that was like a big thick  bacon. It’s hard for me to decide when it comes to food. Until this short lil fat man came up and ordered and he got all three in the bun. I waws like whaaaa genius! So that’s what I got. A heart attack in a bun smothered in mustard and hot sauce! company  by  a cold glass of beer. Not to mention all the churros and other goodies.

At the end of the festival they light all the floats on fire this is what one looked like in the beginning and then what it looked like on fire.











So my weekend consisted of drinking in the streets, lighting firecrackers and fireworks, looking at crazy floats looking at fireworks and eating, all that equals rad time!



One thought on “Valencia, Las Fallas Festval

  1. cat sommer says:

    great times! Those fried pumpkin sound delish! Eat another for me!

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