I Heart Amsterdam Part 2

In my last blog I left off eating a space cake for dessert and watched a weird movie! So the next couple nights we stayed at Naill and Lizzys. Since they were such great host, me and Tom decided to make them dinner we decided Thai food my specialty! Starters coconut soup and spring rolls, main dish shrimp curry. It was delicious of course. The next few days were more walking around checking out the city, freezing our asses off.

Our last night we got a hotel the reception area was such a stink hole but thank goodness our room was not bad, small but cozy  and warm. So for our last full day of Amsterdam we decided to eat some truffles and when I say truffles I mean the psychedelic ones like mushrooms he, he. They are legal here in Amsterdam you have to go to these places called smart shops. 15 euros for a gram you go inside a just pick what kind you want, like the cafes when you want to choose the kind of weed you want.  There was this one that we were thinking about getting but it said only for professional users only. I thought that was pretty funny. We both look at each other like hmmmmmmm maybe, that’s a possibility. I wouldn’t consider myself an armature psychedelic user to say the least but then I don’t know if I would be a professional. So then we looked at each other again and thought maybe not, lets play it safe and go with the Mexican truffles yaaaaaaaaay! We bought some fresh juices to swallow them down with because there not the best tasting thing and the also look like little grass turds. Hop on the tram and go to a museum.

So we go to The  House of Bols museum. Its suppose to be one of the #1 main attractions to see in Amsterdam. It’s the oldest distilled spirit in the world in Amsterdam since 1575. It takes you on a little journey of the senses by making you smell all theses different liqueurs and making you guess what it is, there’s 36 flavors. The place is designed really cool its very colorful with good lighting. Then it takes you to the history with a room full of herbs and spices and you get to touch and smell more stuff. Finally at the end you go into a bar that’s all mirrors and you get to pick out a drink which is kinda cool. and then after that you get to try 3 or 4 different shots of the liquor. By this time the truffles were just starting to settle in and I was feeling a kind of funny. So we finish our drinks and it was time for shots. So these liqueurs are super sweet its like liquid candy with a bit of alcohol in them. I hate drinking sweet alcohol but I took some sips of watermelon, banana, coconut, and something else. The combination of the truffles and the liqueurs made me want to throw up a rainbow. But I didn’t, eventually  the weird stommy, stom, stomach feeling eventually went away. I gave the museum 6 out of 10.

We hop on a tram again and go wander around the city more and look for a cafe for tea time and a spliffy. It’s just so cold to be walking around even though the city is really cute!


This is what a banana looks like when you drop it in the snow. Not very funny but amusing to me.

Walking around the city at night was really pretty with all the lights and the reflections of colors on the canals because the ice on the water was starting to break up. I would have to say that this trip was really mild but the visuals and colors were really nice and vibrant. The only down side to it was that it was making us sleepy and  tired so all we wanted to do was  go back to our hotel and crank up the heater and chill. So that’s exactly what we did. Ahhhhh it was so nice getting out of the cold really I think that I have never been so cold in my life.  First thing I do when we get in put the heater full blast take of my boots to thaw off my frozen little feet. the cold can really take a lot out of you. I was finally back to normal now with energy jumping around like a kid on our amazing cloud beds they were sooooooo cozy and watching weird dutch TV.

The next day it was our last day. When I was packing I realized my boot had 2 big cracks on the sides of them on both boots, I was so sad to see them die. I’ve had those things forever and I have been walking all over the world in those things. I’ve had them the whole time I’ve been traveling. But I think that the cold and snow took its toll on them and I finally had to give them up. I’ve had so many memories in those boots. RIP my black boots you will be missed always and forever. After the funeral of my boots  we decide to go to the van go museum. To get to the museum we had to go through the park which was all white and pretty covered in snow. Then finally making it to the museum which I thought was really cool but we  couldn’t take any photos though, sadface!


 I was time for us to leave. So we had to head to the train station to the airport so we took one last stroll through the red light district. I don’t really remember much of it the last time we went through it, vague memories. Lots of ladies in windows with bearly anything on. Theres a huge variety, old ones, fat ones, young ones, pretty ones, ugly ones, midget ones, mannish ones, one for any type you prefer.  Theres sex shows, sex shops, peep shows all kinds of weird shit! After that we went into one more cafe for lunch and then to smoke the rest of our herb before we had to make our flights. Time to go back to Barcelona, I had a great time it was nice seeing my Irish friends but I sure was glad to be back home and out of the freezing cold.


2 thoughts on “I Heart Amsterdam Part 2

  1. Cindy,

    Your blogs are boss!! Your trip is a book (hope you will write it?). Denise and I were praising you the other day over drinks…you rock baby! BTW, tell me again, please, the name of the saidi song you did the sword dance to at soho – remember? we miss you so….when you coming home? summer is on the way. Your photos are worth a thousand words XOXOAlexandra

    • cindy aldana says:

      hey thanks, i dont have the name to the swoard dance but the name to the first intro song i did was the upper egypt ensamble song name Ismaaouni 🙂 hope that helps! xx

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