I Heart Amsterdam Part 1!

Forever I’ve been wanting to go to Amsterdam ever since I was a teenager. Seeing all my friends photos from their travels after they got out of high school, being envious of their euro trips. Amsterdam is known for being the ultimate stoner’s paradise and the red light district. Yes well that is defiantly true but it is also very non stoner friendly and also very welcoming for the non sex addict as well.  I was in love with this lil city. I thought it was soooo cute. With its old buildings. People living in there cute little house boats on the canals. Everyone riding bikes.

So im here in Amsterdam the coldest week out of the year. feeling like im in freaking Siberia, what the hell! I was wishing I was is hell toasting my buns like marshmallows but instead I was in winter wonderland icicle hell. The reason why, was a because there was a cold front coming from Sibera, aaaaahh, blaaaaah,  so yeah it was cold.  But the first thing I noticed when I came here was all the bikes. I’ve never seen so many bikes. Everybody and their momma rides bikes here. Anyway I came to Amsterdam and I was meeting up with some friends that I had met in Ireland. We stayed in a guest house that had no windows because it was the basement but there was a fake window with fake flowers, butterflies and weird mossy shit in it. The place was decorated like a safari jungle with swan shaped towels and bounty candy bars on the bed. The first thing I do is eat the candy, duh! So for dinner we meet up with my Irish lads  friends that live in Amsterdam and eat some Amsterdam soul food. After din din we went for drinks. Lizzy and Niall were the friends that lived here and they had ridden there bikes so they had to walk them Because we were all walking. So I said I wanted to ride their bike for a bit because I hadn’t road one in forever. They said that there were all these rules to riding the bike here in  Amsterdam, I was like yeah, yeah,  yeah and then 2 minutes later I almost make this guy eat shit on his bike. Oops I guess I was in the wrong lane or I was going too slow or something. My bike ride lasted a total of 5 minutes.  We go into this 2nd pub and I feel so short every body is  a foot taller than me. I was thinking did I miss the sign in front of  the door that said you need to be 5 ft 10 inches or taller to enter this building. After the bar of giants we go look for some other places. Then I see this sign that says 1 euro jager shots. I tell them we have to go in for at least one shot. it was a horrible smelly pub but we had to go in any way. you can’t pass up 1 euro jager shots served in test tubes. After 8 shots too many and dancing to horrible top 40 american music we all stumble out of the bar to later get denied into every euro trash club there was, fail! the bouncers were dicks. So we’re like whatevea! So you know it’s a trashy night when you wake up sideways on your bed and you still have your belt on.

Managing to get up from our hangover we decide to go check out the town walk around and go to some cafes.  When we got out of our safari dungeon we open the door and all we see is white everywhere over the night it snowed like 3 feet. Great even colder and I have horrible shoes for the snow, bahhh! walking around  I noticed that Amsterdam is filled with cute little boutiques and warm cozy cafes and restaurants, bunches of rad little vintage shops.  Later that nite we had a lovely dinner at Niall and Lizzy place followed by one more crazy nite at a proper club and good music and a blurry nite of the red light district.

That was the last night of doing it big for our week. Time for recovery. Hmmm bacon bagel sandwiches does the trick. I hadn’t ate a bagel in days too,  since they don’t really have bagels here in spain, soooooo good! Time for a cafe. A nice spliffy always does the trick too. Sorry momma I know you don’t condone my use of ganja. Oh the but the medicinal purposes does the trick when your really hung over and im in Amsterdam and its legal here, so there! So time to pop into good ole Popeye’s cafe. Oh the cafes are so warm and cozy, smokey and has that sweet smell of mary jane. Nice place to get away from the chilliness of the cold and sip on some tea  and munch on some cookies. After who knows how long in the cafe its time to get out and go for a little walk get some fresh air check out the town again and look for another cafe. Sometimes the cafes are a bit weird and dodgy so we had to look for a good one. Finally we found this cute little Moroccan/Indonesian cafe, weird combo but cozy and good atmosphere. Later  for us to discuss how good Ethiopian food was and I had said I only had it once and it was bad and I need to try it again. So it was decided Ethiopian food it was.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my goodness! I was so happy we choose Ethiopian. It was like I  was a virgin Ethiopian eater and I was totally persuaded on it. Ethiopian food is like baby food for adults, lots of mashy stuff that you eat with your hand with this spungy bread and they serve it to you on a big platter that you share. It was a bit pricey though but I splurged on the meal. Ewww yuckville can’t belive I said splurge I hate that word, sorry peeps, thinking out loud! The food was amazing but I was even more amazed by the beer that we  ordered. Ok so we got  these flavored beers  and we each got a different one. I was really torn between the banana and the coconut beer since there my two favorite flavors, but I went with the coconut, nail went banana, Lizzy with the mango and tom was boring and went for the normal one with a lot of alcohol in it.  my beer was the best of course. You drink these beers out of coconuts, I loved everything about it.  So  I was thinking this is what my heaven would taste like frothy white coconut/beer soo tasty. I’m still craving one till this day, but I can’t find one. One of these days.  So for desert we went for space cake to top it off. This is the end of first part, you’re a trooper if you read this far next one soon to come.

One thought on “I Heart Amsterdam Part 1!

  1. cat sommer says:

    mmmmmmmm. cocobeer sounds delish!

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