La Boqueria, Barcelona Spain

This market has been around since the early 1900’s and is one of the #1 tourist attractions in Barcelona. It’s in the heart of the center of the city located right off la ramba. Its filled with fruit, veggies, meats, seafood and small little restaurants inside. Everytime Im downtown I come in for a fresh fruit drink they have pretty much any fruit juice you would like. Here the call them zumos. One of my favorites is mango coconut or this pretty pink one with made from this pink cactus fruit that I can’t remember. It’s really fun going inside with the stands all organized and colorful. If you are a fan of pork it a pork lover dream with all different kinds of jamons and salamis with pork legs dangling from stalls like christmas light. Also with a huge selection of cheese that I cant not have. Poo on being lactose intolerant. It’s such a tease.   I like to go at the end of the day because they usually give you discount on the food and sometimes give you a free zumo if you buy one. So here are snap shots I took, enjoy!


One thought on “La Boqueria, Barcelona Spain

  1. Kelly McNamara says:

    I want the mushrooms and the figs soooooooooo bbbbbaaadddddd!

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