Dublin Bound

Since I had a new fresh passport and had no stamps in it I thought it would be a good idea to go somewhere so I could have some stamps, because my tourist visa was about to expire. I needed to go somewhere outside the Shengen region   so I could get a new stamp and then I could have another 3 months in europe. Yaaaay, I was thinking maybe to go back to morocco because tickets were really cheap, maybe the UK or Ireland. I decided Ireland because I had wanted to go and I never had.  So I bought a ticket and it was all decided and was leaving to Ireland in a week and a half.

I was gonna do some more couchsurfing, I found some irish boys to host me they looked like fun from there profile. So I had place to stay and it was all good. Flying into Ireland was exactly what I thought it was gonna look like, green , green, green, green, green! I took the bus into town get dropped off at the bus station and wait for Irish dude. I wasnt quite sure what dude it was gonna be because there were 3 of them in the photos 2 blonds and a red head. Hoping I could recognise one of them from the photos.  Then up comes a tall lanky red head so that was easy. He was like an Irish lad poster boy! His name is Tom Mullan.

We get back to his place for me to drop my stuff off, hangout for a bit and have some  lunch. He asks me what I want to do, I say hmmmmmmm maybe just go downtown check it out and go to a couple of art galleries. So we go and do just that, their were a bunch of art shows going on. The first art gallery we went to I had a bit of a giggle fest. Ok yes before hand we had a bit of herbal refreshments. But for some reason these paintings where making me laugh and I just couldn’t stop. It was something about the faces of the paintings. I couldn’t contain myself. I litterially was crying from laughing so much. I just couldn’t stop, sometimes when I start its hard for me to stop. It was sooo quite in there and then there’s me giggling my ass of for no reason really. There was this video that people where watching and it seemed pretty serious and I just couldn’t stop busting up with laughter. One of the guards was following me around. I was starting to get embarrassed because people were looking at me, i thought i was gonna pee my pants. Then I felt bad for Irish Tom because we had just met each other and he probably thought that I was nuts. So finally I had to kick myself out for disturbing the peace, it was so bad. I don’t know what came over me. I didn’t get any photos of theses paintings because I seriously couldn’t pull myself together.

We head over to some more galleries. Finally by then my giggles were gone and I was back to normal. The next gallery we went to was a bit serious and defiantly nothing to laugh about. Then we head over to another one which was kind of cool because some of the art was interactive. This one piece was projected on the wall and then when you touched it would change .  It was a good day of art and giggles.  We walked around downtown a bit and watched some street performances this little african dude wearing some kind of jungle suit jumping through hoops and limboing under fire. By this time it was time to pop into a pub and get some tasty pints of Gueniss and meet up with some of his friends. For some reason the Guenisss just taste much better in Ireland.

After having countless pints of Gueniss for dinner, the next morning I was a little bit hungover. The next day was one of the roommates birthdays so they where gonna have a big party. Earlier when were messaging each other about me staying with them he had mention that its was one of the roommates birthdays and that they were gonna have a fancy dress party. I told him I don’t really have any fancy dress stuff and told me not to  worry about it we have a bunch of stuff. I was like ok, kind of confused because it was a bunch of dudes and im sure they didn’t have any fancy dress clothes for girls so I was like whatever im not gonna worry about it.  So when I got there I asked what was up with the fancy dress party. Well in Ireland and in the UK when you say fancy dress that means costume party not fancy dress, ha ha. I was like ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh oh ok! Yeah so they decided to have a fancy dress party because it was so close to Halloween. So he asked me what I wanted to do again for the day and I said that I wanted to check out the town more and look for some glasses, because remember in my last blog I had got them stolen with my purse, so I was pretty much seeing blurry I had a pair of sunglasses but that just looked silly wearing them inside.

We walked around town looking for glasses and going around into second hand shops looking for fancy dress costumes. Stumbled upon this one place that had a bunch of old glasses. We walk in and there’s this horrible weird smell  like old sour milk and old man funk in the place. smelled like it hadn’t been aired out in years and there’s this little old man in the shop surrounds by old boxes of glasses. I’m looking at some and I asked him if he has anymore old big frames. I was looking for glasses that nobody would really wear. The bigger the uglier the better. I was looking for big old man glasses. Anyway he pulls out  boxes after boxes all dusty and while he’s doing this he’s singing tonelessly, something like this, ta ta to to da do da do da do dao dooooo over and over it was really funny. Finally after trying on countless amounts of glasses I found the perfect pair. Tom was a champ waiting for me while all this was happening. So I ask the old man how much for these he says 70 euros. I’m like whaaaaaaaa, no way this things have been in your box for about 30 years and no ones gonna by them. They were  ugly but I wanted them I said 40 euros and the old man  wouldn’t budge. I swear all of those glasses he’s had over 20 years and they weren’t gonna sell and nobody except me was gonna by them.  So we left and I was kinda bummed because I really wanted them. I told Tom I wanted to go back and just ask again so I did and I said 50 euros and the stubborn old fart said no again. I totally got denied.  So we went to some more second hand shops for fancy dress and later in the night  meet up with some more friends of his to have some more Gueniss pints and Jameson.

Of coarse woke up with another hangover so what to do to get rid of your hangover hmmmmmmmm maybe go for a jump in the freezing cold sea. There was no way of going around it they said I could go in myself or they were gonna throw me in, so I thought it was best if I just jumped my ass in myself. We get there the water looks cold and choppy as hell. Theres an old man coming out to the water and some littles kids. I’m thinking to myself these little kids and old men are nuts. The water just looked so cold. But im sure ive been in colder but maybe not. I think it was the color that got me. The weather had been really stormy and rainy, in the photo you can see me shivering in my boots, after all it was mid october. So I jump in and the water was super salty, choppy and cold,  swam around for a bit then got out. It felt good, a nice jolt to the body to get rid of the hangover and start another night.

That night we had to get ready for the fancy dress party. I looked through all their stuff, they had a a lot of costume stuff. Adam the other roommate said I could borrow his sister sequin dress and be Diana Ross because of my crazy hair. But then I decided to be what I usually am for costume parties if I don’t have a costume. A gypsy, some how I always have the clothes for that, and borrowed a bit of their stuff and there I had it, my fancy dress. Me the gypsy, Adam Miss Santa Clause, Mark Heman and Tom a fox. The funny thing about this party was that is was in a chinese restaurant basement and sometimes they have parties in there which the called noodle raves which I thought was hilarious. It was a crazy night that lasted till the late morning hours.

So the next day we were all pretty much dead and I was supposed to catch the night train to Belfast but since it was so rainy and stormy they had stopped the trains and the buses because the tracks and roads were flooded. So I had to stay in Dublin a little longer. I wanted to go to the giants cause way, but that wasnt going to happen because of the storm so then I just had to wait for the storm to pass.  So then the next day I had to take the train to Belfast, because the next day I had a super early flight out the day after. So said my good byes to the irish lads which were great host and a ton of fun and then off I went to Belfast. It was a nice ride the county side was beautiful and green. Since the railways were still flooded halfway on the train ride everybody had to get off and take the bus. When I got there I did a little bit of walking around the city finally found my self a pair of glasses. Eww yuck and got tongued in the ear by a drunk irish dude in the street. I was walking past this pub and I asked these dudes for the time because I was supposed to meet up with another couchsurfer for dinner and then next thing I knew this guy was trying to makeout with my ear, so I pushed him off me and I was like what the fuck and then him and all his friends were laughing. Totally grossed out I finally met up with Bruno the other couchsurfer and his friend, went out for 6 pound steaks not lbs but british  pounds and had some drinks and later that night went to the airport to fly back to Barcelona, what a crazy week in Ireland! I had a blast.

2 thoughts on “Dublin Bound

  1. Christineeeeee says:

    Hi buddy! I love hearing about your travels. Me just living the life in SoCal. I hope to travel alongside you one day soon. going to hop out to south east Asia this December. Hope all is well xoxo

    • cindy aldana says:

      heeeeeeeeeeeeey south asia thats great i hope to make out there one day as well, im finally coming back to to the states in june, im gonna have to make a trip down south :), hope your well too, xx

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