The Job Hunt! Good luck and More Bad Luck

In my last blog I left off just being robbed which sucked. A lot of money stolen, passport and camera and other stuff. In this blog there will be no photos excepts one because I had  no camera at this time, sad face! Totally bummed out but there was no time to feel sorry for myself. I had to figure out what I was gonna do. I bearly had any money, I had no job, and no passport.

Well the first thing I had to do was go to the police and report it then go to the consulate and order a new one which was a lot of money. I either pay 80 dollars for one that only last 3 months and I get it the next day or I pay $140 dollars for a regular one but it takes up to 1 1/2 to 2 weeks for it. I decided it was best that I just wait for the normal one. The money that I paid for my passport was pretty much all the money I had left.

In the meantime one of my couchsurfers let me borrow a bit of money which was so nice of him and they also let me stay longer than I intended too. So then I had to call the family to see if they could help me out and send me a bit of money in western union. In the mean time I was going to give myself a week and a half to find a job until my passport came in.If i couldn’t it was time to come home. Like I said in my last blog it was super hard finding a job because I was looking at the end of August. So I was searching in the internet digging and digging for work. I gave up on the whole bartending thing because I was just taking too much time to walk around everywhere and a lot of places wanted you to have papers which I did not have, more sad face! I decided to try to look for some hostel jobs because than I wouldn’t have to worry about finding a place to live and plus I didn’t have any money for a place anyway. Searching and searching I found some and I tried calling the numbers of course they don’t work. I decided to just go there in person. Having no money for metro I had to do a lot of walking in the summer heat.

I get there, talk to the manager and yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay I got a job on the spot! Luckily it wasnt for that hostel it was for a different one. That place was a wreck, gross and big. So we head to the other one which is a little out of the center. A lot smaller and a wreck but not as nasty as the other one. It just need a little work some cleaning and a touch of Cynthia. I was saved! yes! I didn’t have to go home just yet, Lucky me!  So I went back to my friends and packed my stuff an went back to the hostel.I was working with 2 other people. A tiny ginger aussi girl and a young french guy that spoke english with an american accent. These next couple months were going to be very interesting, since I had never shared a room with someone except my younger sister when we were kids, let alone share and live in a place with 25 other people.

The first month went by pretty fast a lot of cleaning and throwing away a lot of shit. Very busy with travelers coming in and out. The previous workers there just let the place go and let the filth pile up, and this place was definitely lacking any character or atmosphere. It need a lot of work. Me and Jules made a good team splitting a lot of the responsibilities making sure things were done. One night me and her went out and we did it big, really big! Anyway the next day she had work the next morning, being so hung over while making the beds she passed out in one of them. I guess the bell was ringing and one of the guest woke her up and told her to get the door and said somethings like you should be sleeping on the job and blah blah blah, So Jules was like, who the hell are you trying to tell me to do shit, and the guy said well im the owner. Oooh not good we had no idea who this guy was. Yikes bad way to figure out who the owner was. so that was the end my little ginger friends days of working at the hostel. Me and the french dude were sad to see her go we made a good team. Jules was a legend.

So we got a new girl from south africa and the french guy was still here but after a while I felt like I was doing most of the load of the work and people were always  coming to me for things and asking me questions as if I was the manager. Anyway long story short Had a talk with the owner and said that basically if he wanted his hostel to pick up and get any better he need someone to manage it and make sure things were running smoothly and that people were doing their job and making sure the hostel had everything it needed. Also that it needed a makeover and needed some decorating. Bing bang boom job done im the manager got a raise. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay even more happy!

Then a couple of weeks later I got my purse stolen again. Going to the metro back home after a late nighter it was about 5:30 am. Walking with some friends and then out of no where this guy grabs my purse and im holding on to it and we’re playing tug o war with my purse. He has the big part of my purse and I just have the strap and then he gives one big pull and the straps break off and he goes running and I go run after him. We’re running through all these tiny little spanish streets. It’s like a maze. then I see him run into this apartment and I look inside and im thinking to myself that there’s no way im stepping in here. My friends catch up to and there like what the hell are you doing? I told them that I followed him in here. so a friend of my friend goes up there trying to find the guy. He finds him and the guy comes down and is yelling in my face saying, you think I stole your purse, you think I stole your purse! Then these huge two african dudes come out and my friends are freaking out. So I just say no, there’s no problem were leaving. So that was that! The only thing that I was bummed about was that my glasses were in there. I only had 20 euros my phone and glasses and my keys so it wasnt that bad. But just the fact that I was blind, meah!


2 thoughts on “The Job Hunt! Good luck and More Bad Luck

  1. cat sommer says:

    OMG! OMG! OMG! What! What! Those are some scary stories! Glad you are still healthy and happy and looking to the better parts of life! Love you!

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