Yay Finally Barcelona y Me Mala Suerte!

Ok so I fast forwarded in my blog earlier to x-mas and New Year but now im rewinding back to when I first came to Barcelona. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh wow its been over 5 months and im making my first blog on Barcelona and I know I  always, always,  say this but for reals im a huge lagger. Oh but wow I really like it here. I knew I was just going to love it here for some reason. It has everything that I could ask for in a city. It’s not too big it’s not too small. Great architecture. It’s very diverse. The transportation is really good. Theres street art and graffiti everywhere. The streets are skate board friendly the vibe is really chill and of course last but not least the most important it has a beach. Oh how I love the beach and since where in europe, you know what! Bathing suits are optional. I love it cuz I hate wearing a top. I don’t like getting triangle tan lines on my boobs when I don’t have to.  So you know the first thing I do when I got to Barcelona was go straight to the beach let the girls out crack open a beer and just chill, ahhh I felt free again. The last month I was in Madrid right in the center of spain no beach and before that I was in morocco for months and needed to be covered up most the time. So when I came here I felt like I had sheadded some layers. I felt back to my normal self.

When I first got here I had stayed with a couple of weird couch surfer dudes, which really sucked. But then found some really great ones a guy from the states and a girl from Canada aye! So I was relived when I found them. They were great they gave me the keys to their place so I could come and go as I pleased.  So in the day I was going around bars looking for bartending jobs. I thought that it was going to be easy looking for a bartending job here, but actually it was quite hard, I came towards the end of summer at the end of July so bars pretty much had their staff already. I was going all over the place being denied everywhere. I was getting really bummed out. I heard that it was really hard to find a job here in spain especially because of the high unemployment rate. More than 20% of spanish people are unemployed and that’s a lot.  So I was kinda stressing out a bit. I could teach but that means I would have to wait till the beginning of october and that was way to long for me to wait that long for a job. Hmmmmmm what the hell was I gonna do? I was gonna give myself one more week to look for a job and if I could I was going to have to finally come back home because I was running low on money since it had been 3 months since I had a job.

Well one night I had gone out with a friend for a late night skate so we ended up at the beach so we got some beers and chilled on the beach for a bit. I was wearing my belt purse so I took it off because I didn’t want it to get  all sandy so i put it in my friends back pack.  A little while later this guy comes jogging out of no where and asks us for change and beers and all these other question and we said no we don’t have anything to give you and he kept jogging  in place in front of us. We thought it was really weird so we asked him if he could please leave and finally he did. Then about 10 minutes later is started to rain so we got up dusted ourselves off and my friends said what the fuck! and I said what, he said my backpacks gone. I was like oh hell no!my shits in there, I was freaking out that shit was gone, and then I realized instantly that the guy jogging in front of us was distracting us from some other guy jacking out stuff. Me being the detective I could see the guys foot print that went directly to the backpack because they had the big sand machine thing that flips and cleans the sand.

I felt like a huge dumbass because in Barcelona its know for the pick pocketing and thieves taking purses and such and I knew that. Normally I wouldn’t be so upset because I usually don’t carry so much money on me. But this one time  I had my passport and a little over 150 euros on me and my favorite wallet and my belt purse that I got custom made for me in morocco that I had designed myself, camera, my phone and my friends keys,  so I was super stressed out.


Normally I would never carry my passport on me or that much money but earlier that night I had went to exchange money and I needed my passport and after that I had a bunch of money on me. I didn’t go back to the place where I was staying to drop my passport and money off  so I had all this only which is just my luck. Now I bearly have any money no job yet what the hell was I gonna do uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Well I think ive made this post way too long. On to my next post. TO BE CONTINUED………………………………………………………


One thought on “Yay Finally Barcelona y Me Mala Suerte!

  1. cat sommer says:

    No way! So sorry to hear that! I hope things get better soon! I love you!

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