Madrid Street Art and La Tabacalera

So here is a little of Madrid street art. There is so much and there’s a lot that’s a lot better than what im posting, most is quite girly, but you know what im a girl and I like pink, so here is what I have, enjoy!

These are some photos of a really cool squat that I went to. they were going  to close it down but the cultural misitry has decided to keep around and use it a a cultural center called La Tabacalera. It used to be an old tobacco factory, so it’s really big. It’s probably one of the coolest places in Madrid to check out as far as culture and art. This old building is a melting pot for every kind of artist or art lover. The whole building is one giant canvas on it’s on. There’s a ton of things to do and check out. From a garden on the outside where the grow and sell organic veggies, inside venue, a cafe,  an outside bar and cafe as well as an inside one, studios for artist, galleries, lots of rooms where they have free workshops, circus training, outside theater, mini ramp for skate boarders. They even have a clothes exchange where you can bring old clothes and find new ones for free or you don’t have to bring clothes you can just grab whatever you want.  I did a little exchanging myself.


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