Madrid Flea Market Part 2

This is my second part of my flea market photos. There where just too many for one blog.  So after a couple of times of visiting the flea market I decided to plop down somewhere and try to sell my earings. People said that I would be hard because I don’t have a permit to sell their and if I did I could get in trouble, the police where always walking around patrolling. The reason why I got this idea to sell there was because there were a lot of people selling things that didn’t have a permit. So I took my chances because I live on the wild side.  So what I did was kinda have my stuff near the other gypsies that were selling because I knew that they had a look out. I knew that I had to leave when all the other gypsies where grabbing all their stuff and walking really fast. Lucky for me I made a nice little set up for my earings. I put to frames together with hinges so it opened and closed like a book, and the earing just hung in there. So all I had to do was close the thing and put it under my arm and walk away like no thang! I sold earings but it was really annoying having to change from place to place, so I only did it a couple of times. Here’s a link to my jewelry site that I forgot to post up on the other post, I what I made there in Madrid.

Besides velvet paintings, records, and other random junk, I also love, love,  love rock minerals and crystals its been an obsession since I was like 7 years old, I’m a collector 🙂


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