The New Years In Barcelona

Like I said in my last blog I was ending my years with fun things. At work I found the coupon book that someone had left behind and there were all these free thing to do. But everything had to be done before the end of the year and the new year was coming in a couple of days. So I kept the booklet in my purse. and while I was skating around the city I stumbled upon the chocolate museum and I remembered that  it was one of the free things to do, so I popped in and checked it out. I get my ticket in and what I thought was really cool was that the give you a free chocolate bar while your checking everything out. So I was just munching on this chocolate bar while I was reading the history of the coco bean and looking at all the chocolate sculptures. I already knew that the coco bean originated from central and south america but what I did´nt know was that the Aztecs used the coco beans as currency, which I thought was really interesting, here is a link that you could check out if you wanna know more about the history of chocolate http ://

So the next day I went to an even better museum. It was the science museum, the nerd in me loved it! There was all kinds of cool thinks to check out and read about and interact with. They happened to have a dinosaur exhibition, which I , loved, because I heart dinosaurs. They also had this huge replica made of the amazon jungle with trees and the river and with fish and birds and little animals in there. I was looking at these weird birds and one of them was super close to me but it was standing all still, so i was going to take a picture of it and all of a sudden it lunged forward and I screamed and so did a bunch of kids and some even started crying. It was kinda scary it made all these crazy noises, then i realized it had a mouse in its beak and it started tearing away at it with its claws than ran away with it into the forest. It was  really gross you should have seen the look on the kids faces, priceless! Here´s a photos of some amazon fisheys. There was all kinds of cool stuff  to interact with but I didn’t get a chance to try to much stuff. cuz I didn’t want to take the fun away from all the kids. So I just looked around and read stuff about cave men and rocks  minerals and shapes.

Heres a photo i took in this color thing I forgot what the name is but all these colors filters were projected on this wall making all these different colors. This is a shadow of me and my pineapple head.

So I spent my last day of the year skate boarding around the city visiting friends then Went to the harbor to watch the sunset, chill and write post cards. There was the great sunset.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay so it was time for the night to begin. You know it’s a party when I got my sequence skirt on. I had to work a little, made sure everyone was checked in and had keys. then jetted to the center and met up with some friends just in time for the count down. In spain they have this tradition of eating twelve grapes at the count down and each grape you make a wish. So I was ready with grapes in one hand and a bottle of champagne in the other. After that, the night was a funny blurr.

The next day I woke up drunky so I was feeling good still. Since I ended the year at the sea I thought I would start it off at the sea.  So I decided to take another skate and go to the beach and relax and take a nappy nap! Just what I needed and after cruzed all along the beach.

Next blogs on madrid, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


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