Barcelona in December

I’m fast forwarding in my blog right now to Barcelona in december and the next  blog on the new year, which is the present kinda. I’m such a slacker on my blogs, but im getting there. Then rewind back to Madrid and when I first got here in Barcelona and my Ireland trip, oh my! So the month of December was filled with a bunch of fun things, going to music shows, arts shows, chillen at the beach, museums, la, la, la, la, la. I’m not going to do a lot of talking. Mostly posting a lot of photos.

Here are some photos of a small art exhibition I really liked that I went too  called.                                                                                                                   

Heres a photos of my just hanging out at the beach in the middle of december. This is why I heart Barcelona but there are a lot of other reasons too.

This is what Barcelona looks like on the holidays it’s really purrty with all the light everywhere.

 Every country has their traditions during the holidays. The Catalan have this tradition during christmas where they feed this wooden log.  On christmas, children hit this wooden log until it shits presents underneath a banket behind it. Here is a photo of a really big log.


Since I have a good amount of friends that live abroad and were staying in Spain for Christmas we decided to have a little dinner party and exchange presents. By this time we were all drunk a thought it would be funny if we all put on hats and pose for a family photo by the fire place.

I also went to Nouvelle Vauge play, they played at this place called the Apollo it was a great show!

Heres a you tube of one of their songs if you never heard of them.


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