Banana Things and Bye Bye Banana Village

So my stay in morocco was coming to and end. Getting ready for a new adventure. While I was living in banana village I would always have these day dreams of me being Carmen Miranda. If you don’t know who Carmen Miranda is here is a you tube. Check it out before you read the rest of the blog or else it just wont make any sense at all.

Since there were all these bananas everywhere. So I would imagine myself in this amazing costume with a bunch of fruit on my head dancing around. Singing some cute jingle and then some hot Moroccan dudes with no shirt on, lift me up and put me on a cart being pulled by donkeys and there ladies dancing around me with baskets of fruit on their head. Then maybe a parrot comes and lands on my shoulder and says something to me  in parrot talk  and then I do a big wink and then its over. But then I come back to reality and I look around and there’s only super skinny not hot guys with teeth rotting out other mouth. There’s no donkeys just scooters, and there’s no parrots just flies and no women dancing around with baskets on their head. So I decided that I had to do a photo shoot before I left. This is the closest I came to being Carmen Miranda. It would have been way better if I had a real costume but this is just stuff that I happened to have with me.                                                                           

I really think that this is the most bananas I have ever ate in my life, they were sooooooooo good and bananas are one of my faves fruits to eat. I was in banana heaven.

Here are some photos of banana stuff or things that remind me of bananas. When I went camping I bought all these bananas and in the bunch there was the cutest teeny tiny banana ever.

In banana village there was this restaurant with the internet so we would always go there for coffee or juice, they always had live music playing usually ganoua or this Moroccan music I don’t know the name but me and Jamils always called them the “Rang Bang Crew”. It was a group of Moroccan dudes dressed in all white and the wore yellow shoes. They would play this really loud music on metal barrels and jump up and down on them. Definitely not soothing to the ears. Sometimes all we would hear the rang bang crew outside her house, banging around. They would just bang around I think until people came outside and gave them money to leave.

Heres another you tube video that I love, love, love its soo cute! A friend sent it to  me because he knew how much I loved bananas.

I will miss you morocco, banana village and Jamils, cant wait to come back one of these days, like they say inshalla! xx                                                                                     

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