Moroccan Magic Shops and my Jewel

Before I left morocco I wanted to make a last minute day trip to Tiznit which is a couple of hours south of Agadir. Its known for its silver and jewelry.  So me and a friend squeezed into a sardine taxi, well that’s what I call it, because they pack 7 people in an old Mercedes which is  only supposed to fit five. So your literally packed in there like sardines, it’s quite uncomfortable cuz sometimes people are big or smelly. The funny thing about it, is that Agadir is the sardine capital.  Anyway this one time I was taking the taxi was 6 of us waiting and the taxi wont leave unless its full with 7 peeps. All of a sudden this huge women comes in smashes all of us in. So now it feels like there’s five people instead of 4 in the back. I can bearly breath im on the door side and I feel like im going to pop out the door and it really hot and everyone is sweating so its kinda stinky and horrible, ahhhhhhhhhhh! Oh sorry got side tracked back to Tiznit.

We walk around for a bit and of course all the shops are closed, and I don’t know  why. Someone told us that they would be open an hour later. We did some more walking and I found this Moroccan magic shops, I love looking around in theses little shops there usually little holes in the walls with the most random stuff.  Walls lined with jars of dyes, powders, rocks, herbs, dead animals, oils other things. With goat heads and dead snakes hanging down and rabbit feet or some kind of other little creature paw creeping out of somewhere. Than there’s this picture of me in this little shop, I look like im posing but im really not , my friend just got a random shot of me 🙂                                                                                                                                      

So than finally all the shops opened and we went looking around. I saw this big aqua marine pendant and for some reason I really, really liked it. It was very simple, not much to it but i caught my eye. So we left and walked around to look  at more stuff. But the aqua marine pendant was still on my mind. On the way back I saw a couple of other ones very similar but I still wanted that one. So I bargained with the dude and got a good price for it.  This is what it looks like when you look through it. Jamils took these photo but I played around with the colors. Sippen on tea and the other I just look like a huge dork!


One thought on “Moroccan Magic Shops and my Jewel

  1. Anonymous says:

    You can hardly see it…if you know what I mean…

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