Paradise Valley and Day Dreaming

While my stay in Banana Village I took a little camping trip with some friends. In the mountains behind where I was living a place called paradise valley. I feel like every city or country has their paradise valley. Well this was Morocco’s little piece of paradise. So me and some friends caught a van taxi there, bought a bunch of food and piled in there. We get there and we´re gonna have to do some hiking for where were going to camp. Never mind that its 100 degrees. I have my huge back pack on stuffed with a big fat blanket, small pillow, clothes, some food, of course im carrying like 7 potatoes  and 8 bananas or something like that and holding a gallon of water. 15 min into the trek I feel like im going to die of heat stroke.  I had already drank like half a gallon by then. Then I start to see it in the far off distance the palm trees and water. It was a real oasis. I thought it might had been a mirage or something or I was hallucinating from  heat stroke.  Its was like from a movie or something. Uhhhhhh finally we get closer to the to the water and the shade and it starts to cool down and we make a little pit stop at this guys place. He was living in this lovely lil oasis that sold tea to people while  they wanted to take a break. He lived right by the water in this cute little house surrounded by palm trees. So we sat down drank some tea had an herbal refreshment and chilled out in his lounge right by the water. I played a small little drum while he played the guitar and then he gave me some old bread to feed the turtles. They were so cute with their heads poking out. After that it was time to start back to our hike and we hadn’t even hit the hard part yet and  just as I was getting all relaxed. So we lugged all of our stuff back on our backs and headed toward our destination.  It was really rocky and we had to pass through the water a lot. Finally again we see these huge water holes with people jumping on the huge rocks into the water with little water falls of rushing water flowing down and natural water slides. I was like thank god were here after another 30 min of walking in the heat. Oh but nope that wasn’t it, we had much further to go.  Even up a big hill. Literally we had to stop about every 5 min to catch our breath and take some sips of water. All along the way I kept seeing people plunging into the water. So once we hit the water again I dunked my head in there, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh it felt so good, I was already dripping with sweat from head to toe. But then we got up the hill and after a while I was not seeing anybody in the water. People did not want to hike this far in the heat, I don’t blame them.

Than after about 2 hours of hiking we finally got there. I wanted to collapse on the ground. It was so beautiful, we had this place all to ourselves. Out in the middle of no where, with no one around. We were surrounded by mountains and 2 big water holes one above the other. Now I see why they wanted to hike so far for this little hide away. We all took a dip in the water to cool off. Than we got our camp up and went on a search for wood for the fire, before it got dark.  We made some dinner and watched the sunset and just hung out by the fire. After a full belly and our hike we were a little tuckered out,  so we just relaxed and waited for the stars to appear. Shortly after to pass out.

The next couple days started off with me  waking, up splashing my face with water and brushing my teeth, making tea and eating breakfast. Then to start total chill mode. There was nothing around us and nothing to do except play in the water and bask in the sun all day.  Jumping off a 20 ft rock was great fun plunging into the water. Also just floating in circles in the water on an air mattress watching the birds sore and the clouds drift by. But most of my time consisted of me laying on this nice flat rock soaking up the sun taking all the sun kisses. Dazing off, day dreaming of past memories  and future moments to come and everything in between. Thinking of the small steps and big steps that lead me to this exact moment in time. The people I have met in my beautiful journey. My friends and family at home wondering if they think of me as much as I think of them. Old lovers and the bitter sweetness of it all. The idea of new love and how it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. The excitement of the unknown and what the future has in store for me. The sadness and the hurt but also the love and happiness I´ve felt along the way. The good times, amazing times,  crazy times, bad times, dangerous times, the magic times and fun times. A whirl wind of thoughts going through my mind were popping up like pop corn then floating away gently like balloons in the sky. By this time I felt like I had become this rock, morphed into it some way with peering eyes looking through the cracks.  But now it was starting to get dark and it was time to snap out of it and peel my ass off this rock.  In search for wood again to start a fire for food.

The nights pretty standard, searching for wood, making a fire and making dinner.  After dinner we would just sit around the fire and drink tea and wait for the moon and the stars to appear. Normally when im camping and chillen there would usually be a beer in my hand or a cup of whiskey, but nope not here in morocco, strictly herbal if you know what I mean, he he! Anyway yeah so we would just sit around the fire, be silly try to play the didgeridoo. I totes sucked at it, it’s a hard instrument to play but it was fun trying. Or we would just sit there and sit in silence and watch the fire. Then pretty much pass out, from our long day of relaxation, a full day of sun can sure tucker you out.  After 3 days we ran out of water. I was probably because I drank over a gallon the first day. But it was a good thing that we found a natural spring with fresh water coming out and we could fill our water bottles. The next day it was time to go and pack up. It was so much easier this time because we didn’t have all that water and  I didn’t have a shit load  of potatoes and bananas in my back pack. It was a perfect little relaxation vacation from my vacation and back to banana village I went.

                     If you look behind my hat you can see where our tents where.


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