Randomness and Taghzoute Doors!

So Morocco is definitely not lacking in the random, strange department. A lot of the things are very strange sometimes, just random! For example some houses don’t have many windows on the outside of their house but you know what, they sure do have their fair share of windows inside their houses. Which is just absurd I think,  if you want to gaze outside and look at the nice view forget about it. If you want to spy on your neighbor nope not gonna happen.  You want to open the blinds and let the morning warm sun in, out of the question.   But I can tell you what you can do. From your bedroom window you can open it and look at you family or friends eating at the kitchen table or you can just stare at the wall in front of you. Me and Jamils just hung our underwear out the window to dry or hung our underwear outside the inside window to dry. Right next to her Irish magic flute.

Another thing that I thought was really strange in Morocco is that they just let the meat sit outside for hours hanging with flies all around.  With the guys swatting away at the flies with cow tails. Ugh yuckville, totes unappetizing. I made me not want to eat any meat. So when I was in morocco I lost a good amount of weight. Which I liked on one hand, but on the other hand I didn’t really like. I was loosing it in all the wrong places. One day both Jamils and I just realized that both of our boobs had shrunk. We wer hey what the hell happened! There was that extra room in our bras that was not supposed to be there. You know when you bend over and you look down your shirt and you can see your nipple well not because the bra is half the size and your nip is squeezing out. But because there was this open space, where you can feel a breeze. It was like a western movie with the tumble weed blowing by, even with the western music and all. Every time I look down the music went on, neo, neo neeooo, wa waa waaahhh, neo, neo, neeooo wa waa, waahhhh, neo, neo, neeoo wa waa wa wuhh.  We had realized that it was because we stopped eating the meat. Sucked dry of all the protein. Poor little things. My boobs were now vegetarian boobs, no offence to the vegatarain chicks, im just not used to it. They wernt the big plump meat eating boobs that they once were. They were now these little flap jacks, no not really but definitely smaller than im used too. Surviving off cucumbers, OJ and chocolate. Dont get me wrong I love veggies and morocco has some of the freshest tastiest produce around.


But for me I need a lil meat sometimes. I’m guessing  that’s why all the guys are sooooooooooo  skinny there. Oh my, I think I’ve blabbed way to long about my boobs. As Jamil’s would say in her midwestern accent  “that’s enough”.

You know what I thought was really cool and neato was this purple little car. I would randomly see it here and there in totally different places. There was lots of these little cars everywhere.  There was also a lime green one that was pretty rad too. I wanted one they were soooooooooo cute and it was faves color!

You know what else is neato but was actually really nido where theses box of weird powdered milk stuff I saw. Just thought it was kinda funny.

Ok so now for some really cool doors I saw these in the little beach village of Tagahzoute. Hope you like!                                                                                                      











One thought on “Randomness and Taghzoute Doors!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the door with the sun over it!

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