Adventures of Cindy and Jamils 2

Well a month has gone by and I still found myself in morocco. Jaime said I could stay with her as long as I wanted since she had an extra room, I bought food and stuff to help out. I don’t even really know what I was doing. Actually a whole lot of nothing, chillaxing, you know that’s what the kids call it theses days. I was pretty much turning into a Moroccan, just lying around doing nothing. Taking my sweet ass time to do whatever. Seriously you could be walking down the street and see people taking naps right on the sidewalk, in there veggie stands, in their fruit carts, wherever! One day we were lying around on the beach, barely anyone there and off in the distance you see this figure. It was as if he came out of a mirage or something coming out of no where. As he gets closer Jaime says  ooh that’s the bennie man. Well the bennie man comes with fresh doughnut dipped in cinnamon and sugar, yelling bennie, bennie, bennie, I guess that’s what they call doughnuts there. So we buy one and then 5 min later I turn around and there’s bennie man laying in the sand taking a nap right next to his doughnuts.

Well you might be wondering why the title says Cindy and Jamil’s rather than Cindy and Jaime. Well here’s a little something that I didn’t mention yet about Jamie. I said I was gonna talk about her reason for traveling to morocco in my last blog. Well the reasons for her travels is because she converted to being Muslim. She converted when she was in the states, but she felt like she couldn’t be her true Muslim self in the states so she decided to go live in  a Muslim country, where she wouldn’t be judged. So she packed her bags and left LA and her Hollywood lifestyle. Back to her name well since she converted to being Muslim, she had to change her name to a Muslim name. So her name now is Jamila. That means beautiful in Arabic. But since I like to abbreviate things I call her Jamils. If you would like to know her whole story you can read her blog its pretty interesting She has a lot of blogs as well. She even wrote one on me that’s pretty  damn silly,

Our highlight of the week was to go to the Wednesday souq. To get fresh veggies and fruit, and test out all the little goodies there was. The fruits and veggies are so fresh and good and sometimes weird looking.

Since Jamie  and I both have the same humor we think things like this are funny.

I dont think I have to explain this one it self explanitory. Peanuts anyone?

Just because ok!

Strange looking fruits and veggies.

Seriously we were like an episode of Lavern and Shrilly, constantly laughing or getting into some weird situation or something crazy.  We were always learing a lesson and having a quote of the day. Jaime loved to write down our silly stupid things that would blurt out of our mouths Weather its was hitching with the Moroccan  douche twins with the top down. Or trying to order a simple coffee at the coffee shop. Which for some reason would take sometimes a half hour and they would always get our order wrong even if you were just having  something as simple as black coffee.  A me qoute, ” Sometimes the easiest is the hardest”.There was always something with us.  Or us doing more hitch hiking and we jump in the back of this guys truck and I totally do the titanic with arm stretched out and everything. We were constantly asking the question  why? For instance one time we were taking a bus trip out of town to Essaouira for a music festival. We almost died from  suffocating, heat  stroke and from the bus almost not being able to make it up the hill.  You know why. Oh I’ll tell you why. Well one for some reasons some Moroccans think that if there’s any kind of breeze you’ll get sick, even if its 100 degrees out, that’s why sometimes you’ll see dudes walking around with parkas in the middle of summer. Anyway so they blocked off any air ventilation there was, and since there was no air flow, and it was sooooo hot and people were sweating there ass off it smelled sooo bad. Umm what else, ok the bus was already hot and stinky and slow and could bearly make it up any hills. So what does the bus driver do, oh pick up more people to add to the more hot breathing and heaviness of the bus.  Jaime quote, ” Smart, let’s make it hotter and heavier. Seriously , there were people standing in the isle, a bus that fit about 40 people was now fitting about 50 people. Heres  photos of us at the festival.

Heres a photo I snapped on the way walking to the beach.So if it was one thing that both of us loved to say it toooooootes! Which is just totes, abbreviated from the word totally.  We even wanted to make little tote bags with a goat on the side saying totes ma goats! But than we googled it and there were already totes   bags. So that was out of the question. More goat stuff, have you ever thought about joining the urban goat community? Well I have, just kidding that was stupid, Well I really did say it I just blurted it out of my mouth one time. At the time it was really funny but I guess you just had to be there. So one time we were driving I can’t remember if we were in a friend’s car or in a taxi and all of a sudden  a heard of goats go in front of the car and were in the middle of town, how weird is that.

We also share a love of chocolate and sweets, we found theses little chocolate balls that we became obsessed with, we ate one like everyday. I love those little chocolate bombs filled with things I don’t even know of.  Sometimes we felt so bad about how much sweets were eating that we would look at each other and say we should start working out, but than just still lay around, like lazy asses.

4 thoughts on “Adventures of Cindy and Jamils 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    Funny! Love the wish there were more of you!

  2. BAHHH!!!! This is hilarious! I miss you and all of our crazy adventures…

    PS— I’m totes layin’ in bed and eatin’ cookies. …and tryin’ not to get A-teeth.

  3. lol cindy! I love reading your blogs! This one really had me laughing! love the bag o nuts lol! miss you girl:)

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