Adventures of Cindy and Jaime

My last blog  left me in Banana Village staying with Jamie my couch surfer host. Well a couple of days had passed  and during that time we had talked about our reasons for traveling the middle east. Like I said in my last blog we had a lot in common besides both coming from the states. Liking the same music. We both have a blog. We like to abbreviate words, same humor . Both being board of living in the states and wanting something different. Both traveling the middle east alone ya know stuff like that. The list goes on. But  our reasons are very different. My reasons are pretty simple. Curiosity of the world, to step outside my bubble of California living and to see what else life has to offer. Her’s well a little more complex. I will try to explain in the shortest way possible. But not quite yet.

I was only going to stay for a couple of days. Jaime also was having a visitor from the states coming through, but since we were getting along so well, she said I could stay longer.  So I did! It was cool that her friend Mark was here because we wanted to do the same things. Like going to the souq in the village. Testing out different fruits and veggies. Morocco has the best olives, yum! We bought some veggies to make a lunch.

The next day we took a trip to the big souq in Agadir which is a 20 min bus ride. From the bus station we walk and on the was there was a small park this things for kids to play on. We saw this one thing I don’t even know what to call it but you sit on this thing and go in circles. It didn’t seem like anything little children should play on. So me and Jaime thought we should try it out to see how it worked. It was actually kind of scary to get on and off the thing. But once we got the hang of it, it was hard to get us off because we were having so much fun, we couldn’t stop laughing. We were like little kids again. Once we were finally finished playing we headed to the souq again. Which is am in  doors one and its huge. You could easily get lost there. So were all walking around helping jamie´s friend mark bargain for souvenirs and next thing we know he’s gone. Were like shit, its gonna take forever to look for him. We decided that it was best if we split up. So me and Jamie teamed up and two other friends went looking as well. After about 10 minutes of looking we were both really tired  for some reason and sweating our asses off. So we thought it would be best if we took a coffee break and  look for him after with more energy. Oops maybe an hour went by and got a call from our other friends saying we found him. So our coffee break was up .  But one thing you don’t know is that for something as simple as coffee it can sometimes take up 30 min, but that is a whole other story.

We spent some days lounging on the beach and we even went out of town, to another little beach village that was even further south.  Also to spend Marks last night we went to  Taghazoute another small beach town to watch the sunset. The village that I had talked about in my last blog.

Stay Tuned for more Adventures of Cindy and Jaimie!

2 thoughts on “Adventures of Cindy and Jaime

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looking pretty amazing again. All your travels seem so refreshing and healthy. I have been in the studio making art! I will email you my new blog site. I think you will really like my new work and I love you!

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