Ta Ta Taghazout Here I Come!

Wow finally after leaving Essaouira I decided to go even further down south the coast of morocco. By this time I was really ready to get away from all the tourist and all the people trying to sell me shit and pretty much the dudes trying to get up on this! I really just wanted to get away from guys all together. They were all in heat and I wasnt about it. So I really wanted to try to get a girl couch surfer to  stay with. I knew that I was gonna be one in a million specially cuz we were in morocco. So I looked and actually the place that I wanted to go to there was one girl. So I sent her a message asking if she could host me. I knew the chances were going to be really slim, since it was a last request. But I got a reply back saying yes, I was so relived, I really needed some girl time. So I was stoked and took the next bus to Taghazout.

I was a really windy ride with a beautiful scenery. With argan trees everywhere and goats chillen inside the trees, munchen down on the nuts.  If you don’t know what argan trees are I can give you  a lil info. It only grows in the south of morocco. It survives in environmentally harsh conditions like droughts and is one of the rarest oils in the world. It produces an oil that is totally the bomb diggity. You can use it for cooking, cosmetic use, eating, and medicinal purposes.  Its hella good for you. I bought face soap, a mud mask and lotion and really my skin never looked better, and ate soooooo much amlou which is kinda like peanut butter that they make out of the nuts. I’m gonna stop blabbing  about argan oil but here’s a link if you really want to know more.


So when I got there I got dropped off in this little beach village. It was sooo cute! I was waiting in the center for Jaime my couch surfer to pick me up. So up comes this cute lil white girl all covered up wearing a hegab which is   a scarf, wearing the tourist pants, you know the baggy ones that have a low crotch. Any way she asks if im hungry and if I want to go to a BBQ at friend’s house on the way. I’m like hell yeah im starving ive been on the bus for hours. So we go to her friend’s place which is like 5 minute walk from where the bus drops me off. Its right on the edge  over looking the ocean, were chillen on the terrace  felling the breeze, chillen and BBQn it up. Just what I needed. A little while after, couple comes up  and they introduce themself and were all hanging out and than I realize that she is this girl who I was just listening too, her name is Hindi Zhara. I heard her music a couple of week before in Marrakesh.  She was doing a tour in morocco. She’s  actually Moroccan but she sings in english, french and Berber, which is the native Moroccan language in the south. I just fell in love with her music. She and her boyfriend were really nice and down to earth. Besides  doing her music she also paints and her paintings are really good. Here’s a link to her music, check it out!

Well after the dinner we go back to jaimes house which is the next village over about a 10 minute drive in banana village. She has a super cute house which she painted  murals on the walls.  I even got my own room which she had painted this pretty wave on the inside. So lets rewind a lil bit from when I asked her to stay at here place. I sent her a message pretty much saying that I was over couch surfing with dudes,  and if I could stay for a couple of nights blah, blah, blah. Well it turns out that she’s from the states and that she used to live in california and  we had so much in common.  We were instantly friends. Next blog adventures of Cindy and Jaime!

One thought on “Ta Ta Taghazout Here I Come!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well Done! Jamie sounds wonderful and I love her style! Beautiful dreams and adventures my friend!

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