Sleepy Essouira

After busy Marrakesh I decided that I need a little break from all the chaos in the big cities and decided to head to the coast to a lil sea-side city of essoueria. I did some more couch surfing there as well.  Essaouira is a little city that is famous for wind surfing. It has a cute small medina and the locals are really friendly. I  spent my days pretty much walking around taking photos, talking to shop dudes they always invited me in for tea and a chat.





I got my first Moroccan hammam experience there. Got scrubbed down by this little burly Berber  woman. They have this black soap that they use and they scrub your whole body with it. Then you see all your dead skin come off then get compleaty grossed out by how much dead skin comes off. But after I was clean, new and glowing.

I was also always on the hunt for the coconut pineapple dude he was always in a different spot and I ate about 5 pieces a day.





If you were tired from walking around all day you can sit an relax and watch the sunset near  the sea on top of the fort walls.

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