Colorful Marrakech!

After Rabat I took a train to Marrakech. I did some couchsurfing with this lil croco from morocco. Marrakech is where all the craziness is at in morocco. Tons of people, cars, everybody and their momma is riding  scooters literally, ha ha, but for reals no joke.  Never in my life have I ever seen so many girls riding scooters around. I think that in the other cities it might be a lil to conservative for women to be riding scooters, but not here. They’ll be zipping by in their tiger print jillaba like nobodies business. remember in my last blog I said, jallabas are those  long hoodie, pajama type things the everyone wears. Colors flying past ya left and right, the women dress so colorful, i love it. Also sometimes you’ll see a whole family on a scooter which is kind of  funny and disturbing to me at the same time. seriously the dad will be driving the mom on the back holding a baby and then in front of the dad a lil kid, it’s crazy!

So there’s this huge square in Marrakech called “place Jemaa el- fna” now this place is nuts. Its filled with snake charmers playing there recorders. Storytellers luring people with their tales in arabic with huge crowds surrounding them.  Men dressed up as women dancing shaken there bodunk a dunks. Musicians banging on who knows what. Monkey handlers trying to get you to take photos with their monkeys. Show men doing all kinds of weird shit.  Fortune tellers with their cards.  It’s a lot of stuff to take in buts it pretty radical. When the sun starts to set that’s when the open air restaurants start to open. Filling the air with smokey kebab smell,and aroma of spices. Fused with the snail soup.  Carts lined up with people slurping away on those chewy lil things. Restaurant dudes trying to force you to eat at their restaurant. Orange juice guys yelling at your to buy their juice. craziness! I heard that back in the day that the square had a gruesome past. Centuries ago the square was used for beheadings for criminals that got the death sentence. Sometimes up to 45 people would be beheaded in a single day with their heads being pickled and suspended at the city gates. Ewww!

Behind the square are the souks another maze of tiny shops filled with slippers, herbs, rugs and spices. Its hard not to get lost in these nooks and cranies, filled with dead-end doors. Your sense of direction when you get here is gone. But lucky for me I like to get lost. I happened to walk passed this herb shop and the guy had a couple of animals a bird, chameleon, and I think a turtle. But the  karam, karma, karma, chameleon I just fell in love with. It was so cute, with its googly eyes and it weird claw wrapped around it tail. Speaking of herb shops I really liked going in them. The walls are all lined up with jars of  dye, herbs, bird wings, incense and seeds snakes skins and all kinds of other cool stuff

2 thoughts on “Colorful Marrakech!

  1. Joe Arroyo says:

    glad you are having a good over there br safe Joe Arroyo from the Croc. I had snails back in my day, it’s like chewing on boogers or rubber bands.

  2. violet says:

    Sorry a mommy comment…are you eating you look a little skinny

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