Rabat Peeps and Rocken the Kasbah

The first night I get in to Rabat I call my friend Ilhame that I had met in egypt, she’s Moroccan and she live here in Rabat. After a good nap I meet up with her and she say were gonna go to a concert.  I’m like sweet so who’s playing she says Sister Sledge and Earth Wind and Fire, damn taken it old school in Morocco, would have never thought. Just gonna quote my faves earth, wind and Fire song ” you’re a shining star no matter who you are, shinning bright to see, who you can truly be, shinning star for you to see, what your life can truly be! 🙂

The next day I went to check out the souks, Its   big and  old style like fez but it has a lot of stuff. Imediatley I want a juice and a coffee so im searching for a place. I find a juice place and then im looking at the menu and I see that I can a banana coffee smothie, im like whaaaaaaaaaaaaat in my head, totes stoked, get to have 2 of my favorite things in one, it would have been perfs if it had some scopes of peanut butter in there. Did I mention my peanut butter obsession in any of my blogs? Anyway that’s a whole other blog. After that I take a stroll though the souq and while im walking there’s this weird smell in the air. I can’t really make out what it is though. I don’t know if it’s a good smell or bad smell, it’s a smell I’ve never smelled before, it very strange. Well im getting closer and closer to it and I find that is escargot, which is snails, they make this soup out of it. So there’s these bowls of soup and they give you a tooth pick to pull the lil snail out and then you just drink  the broth. People were just slurpen away on this soup, they loved it even the lil kids. I had to pass this one up for now. So I kept walking around taking photos. But the smell was everywhere and there were always crowds around the dudes selling the soup.  I thought I might try it out I get a small bowl just incase I don’t like it. So first a take a sip of the broth, weird, than I get the tooth pick and pull out one of those slimy lil suckers and eat it. It was everything that I imagined a snail to taste like,  chewy, strange and gross, I was eating a snail, yucko! It was like eating a boogers soup totally not my thing and I’m not that picky with food. But the peeps here suck those lil things out like vacumes. I was told that the snail soup is an aphrodisiac! Anyway I found something way better and cheaper to eat, these sardine sandwiches for like 5 dirhams which is like 50 cents so cheap and good, its grilled sardines and they put is in some bread with lemon, tomatoes and a chili sauce, bomb!


Another day in Rabat! This day I go check out the Mausoleum of Mohammed V and the Hassan tower. Very beautiful architecture, with fountains huge doors, and Pillars. But before I enter I pass by these girls that are doing henna and ask if I want any.  I say no thanks I have no money, then they ask if I have any gum and I say yeah, then they said they would do it for gum so I so I said why not. So I got some henna done.  I walk in and there’s pillars everywhere and beautiful fountains and doors, also a huge tower. People come here to pray, visit and check out the architecture, or  just to  chill, it’s a pretty relaxing place.

My next spot was to check out the Kasbah. Most of the city is surrounded by fortress walls and  it was made to protect  the city from the rebel tribes. The houses in the Kasbah date back from the 17th and 18th century and the walls are lime washed in blue and white and everywhere looks like this. Theres teeny tiny streets with people roaming around and kids hiding and chasing each other. When you turn a corner you can see some old dudes playing  cards or a women hanging the laundry, its totally cute.


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