Skiped Tangir For the Imperial City Fez

I get off the ferry in Tangier and immediately get shady dudes walking passed me whispering hashish, hashish! That lasted until I got to my hostel maybe a good 15 min, ha ha!  Finally get to the main part of town still getting hassled, annoying! but the saddest thing is seeing theses young boys all high on paint or glue. I swear theses kids are only like 12- 15 years old and they just straight up huff away in public walking down the street, on the park bench, the curb on the corner.  I could already tell that Tangier was  kind of a dump so I just wanted to go to my hostel and chill out. So that I could wake up early and go to Fez early in the morning.

The bus ride to Fez was really long but really cool. Very nice to see the country side.  I met this lil french dude on the bus so we chatted a lot and decided to look for a place to stay together. It would be cheaper for both of us and less of a hassle. The bus station is right across from the medina which is the old city that is in closed by huge  fortress walls. So we enter and were looking for a place to stay and it’s  jam-packed with peeps every where. The first part of the media we walk into is the produce area. Then we walk into the meat area where there are animal heads, hearts and parts everywhere. We get past that and then we pass all the places to eat and restaurants, ohhhhh my god it smelled so good I was soooooooooo hungry at that time. Meats just grillen every where, I wanted to snatch a kebab right off the grill, torture!  We walk past all the pastries and goodies and sweets everywhere double torture.  Passing all the antique shops, jewelry, shoe repairs, henna area, rug store dudes trying to lure you in with tea. Pretty much any kind of shop you can imagine.  I swear this place was never going to end, a huge maze of craziness. Might I mention this whole time im still wearing my huge backpack and the small one on the front of me and during this whole time there are kids  trying to pull us in every which direction saying the can take us to a hostel or hotel.  But then we figure out the prices to stay in the medina and its way to expensive. THE BOOKS ARE, LIE’S, LIE’S, LIE’S! We finally find our way out of the medina after a good hour and a half  of not knowing where the hell we were. Find a taxi and go to the newer part of Fez and find a hostel and pass out from being exausted.

So the next day we went back to the medina to explore the rest of it. But one thing that we both wanted to do was to check out the tanneries. That’s where they make the animal hinds into smooth rot proof leather. Once that’s done its passed on to the leather worker and when the leather workers are finished it goes into the shops. Fez is the main hub for all the leathers in morocco and a lot of the world. So when you get to the tanneries there’s this awful smell  that hits you like a ton of bricks and sooooooo narrrr, it smells of goat piss and pigeon shit and some other nasty shit thatsrotten fermented stuff. I guess that’s what they use for the process. But ya know its works, the leather after it dries becomes so soft and durable. They really make some beautiful things.  So pretty much the only thing I told myself I was going to buy was some leather and I did, I wanted to get a purse belt but I didn’t really like any of them so I drew my own and told them how I wanted it and  told them to put in a couple of surprises and they did. It just took a couple of days and I love it, because I hate carrying around a purse. So this just sits on my hips and I don’t have to worry about anybody trying to steal anything. It was only 40 euros which in the states would cost about $150, sweet deal, the leather is so cheap here if you know how to bargain. But they make almost everything out of the leather, from bags, shoes,  jackets, belts, cushions, lamps, yadda, yadda, yadda.

So we went off to get lost again. You could literally spend hours and hours and hours, walking around trying to figure out where the hell you are. But that’s the fun thing about it because you stumble upon things that you would’nt normally see. For instance me and the  lil french dude start walking around and then realize that were walking into no where really, but then out of no where something catches my eyes and of corse it was a cat. But  not just any cat, this cat was special and you know why. Well I’ll tell you why it’s because it had a moustache! I have never seen in my life a cat with a moustache and we just stared at each other for a good minute. As I was looking at him with strange eyes, he was looking at me with strange eyes. So I named him moustachio it just seemed to fit. He was actually the highlight of my whole day, I couldn’t stop talking to the lil french dude about moustachio.

I stayed a couple more days because I had to wait for my leather. I did some more wandering around and took more photos. Whats really cool about Fez is that after a long day of walking around you can chill out on one of the roof top bars and get something to eat or drink, and watch the sunset over the city and relax for a bit.  Another really cool thing that I forgot to talk about is the jellaba’s. Jellaba’s are long garmets worn by men and women and the are long sleaved and go down to the ankels. In every muslim country they are different. The way there different here is that these jillaba’s have a pointy hood, so everybody looks like a wizard or something.  It’s kinda cool and funny like im walking around in the lord of the rings or harry potter movie with wizards everywhere. To tell you the truth these things are so comfy its like you’re wearing a big long hoody. They come in all different patterns. It’s like a big pajama party out in public. If it wasnt so hot I would probably be rocken one myself.  Also aside from the nasty tannery smell there’s this lovely rose smell, in certain areas of the souk, they make fresh rose-water, and you can buy bottled or make your own. So that was pretty much Fez in a nut shell, there’s so much more to tell but I wrote way to much already so here are some photos.


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  1. violet says:

    Still chuckling about the cat…

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