Malaga Spain, and Off To Morocco

After our trip to Granada it was time for us to head over to Malaga to go to my friend Christine’s wedding. My friends Christine is one of my oldest friends from childhood, we have known each other since we were 9, we used to live across the street from each other and play legos and monopoly all day in our pj’s, but now were almost 30 years old and were all grown up, she’s married to a Spaniard and now lives in Madrid and well as for me im here writing a blog about my travels.

So once we got to Malaga it was time for chill mode and just hang out at the beach.  The next day it was time for the wedding, so we got all dressed up and headed to the cathedral. It was a short,  sweet and a traditional spanish wedding. After the wedding it was time for the reception  with friends and family.

me and my mommy as you can see im a lil drunk, enjoying my lasts days of wiskey for a while before i go to morocco, where there pretty much no booze!

So after the wedding my mother still had a couple of days left to hangout. We were off to explore another city.  We decided to walk up to the Alcazar and check out the fortress, of corse we walk all the way up this huge hill and the place was closed, oh well at least it was a good work out and i got a good photo of the city out of it. When you get to the top you can see the a good view of the city and the sea. So what else to do after a lil hike, well duh im in spain, go have drinks and tapas, nothing like a mid day glass of wine.

After our tapas time we decided to go check out the modern art museum. One of the featured artist was this swiss women named Sylvie Fleury, she made pop art installations which were kinda of corky and weird some I really liked.

On some more art, the next day we went to the Pablo Picasso museum. I couldn’t get any photos of anything because they don’t allow any cameras in the museum, but everyone knows who Pablo Picasso is so there’s really no reason to have any photos I guess.  After we did some more walking around than went out for more tapas and at the end of our meal they gave us this free bottle of  pink liquor  super herby and so me and my mom started talking shots, we both ended up a lil tipsy. Well the next day it was time for me and my mother to depart. She was going back to Madrid to take a flight back to california and I was headed to morocco. So we said our good byes and that was that, miss ya mom! xoxo

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