One day in Madrid and Granada Streets!

So it was time for me to leave Turkey, I really loved it there and I had some good friends but I decided to go. So you my ask why I left. Well One reason was because I had a wedding to go to in spain, one of my oldest friends from child hood was getting married in Malaga. The second reason is because I wanted to start traveling again. So I packed up all my stuff again and took a flight o spain. I was really excited to get to spain because I was going to see my mom for the first time in over a year, she was going to the wedding as well. So I fly into Madrid and my mom meets me at the airport and of course the moment we see each other, our eyes get all teary eyed because we havent seen each other for so long.

Any way our trip in Madrid was really short only one day. We did a whole day of checking out the city and decided to go straight to Granada, my mom isn’t really a big city kind of lady.  But later I will have a blog on Madrid becuase I will be back. So we take the late night bus into Granada and check into out hostel. We took some naps then headed out to check out the city.


Granada is a quite clean city with narrow streets, bars, cathedrals, street art and flamenco. known for the famous Alhambra, that will be my next blog. Theres is    neighborhood called the albaicin, with small rocky streets. A small muslim population remained there until the 17th century, still rich with its outdoor bazaars, north african  cuisine and tea houses. A lot of the day me and my mom roamed around these  labyrinth alleyways taking photos.

We also did a lot of walking around the town sampling ice creams, one of my favorite things about Granada was that when you buy a drinks you get free tapas. Another cool think that we got to do was go watch a flamenco band and dancer. We went to this teeny tiny restaurant that was underground in a cave, packed with people sitting and small wooden chairs that my ass could barely fit on and watch a really good performance.

So here are some photos that I took around the town.



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