A Little Geek Island

So one thing thought I forgot to tell everyone is that I took a lil day trip to a greek island. The name of this island is called Meis. The reason why I had to go there was because I had to renew my visa. So my 3 months was up in Turkey and I had to leave the country. I had a couple of options the easiest was either to go to Bulgaria or Greece.  It was way too cold for me to go to Bulgaria so I decided to go Greece. I had a friend that I had couch surfed with in Antalya in  the south of turkey and we were talking on the phone and he suggested that I come to the south of turkey and go to this lil island about 1 hour off the coast from this small sea village  called Kas in the south of turkey. All I had to do was take a short ferry for the day and then come back. He said that he had to go to Kas for some business and he said that I could join him, he got a really good deal on a  great hotel. So I decided to take a lil miny vacation, and packed my bags a couple of weeks later to fly to Antalya which was really cheap like 50 bucks round trip then took the bus to Kas with him. The bus ride reminded me a lot of california because of the geography. When we got there we got our hotel might I say it had a sweet view, opened up a bottle of ballantines scotch and called it  a night .  The next day I was off to Meis.

So I wake up get ready to go on the ferry, it was a beautiful day. So I was thinking that it was going to turn out to be a perfect lil day, uhhhhhhhhh wrong I get to the place where the ferry takes off, give the dudes my pass port. They check it and say that im 2 days over due and that I have to pay like 190 lira which is like $110. I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! How did that happen? Well I guess that I totes forgot that there were 31 days in december and january and not 30. I was like fuuuuuuuuuuuuck my bad! Me being a total dummy, that was the first time that I had done a total bone head move like that threw out my whole trip. Most the time ive been really good. So I had to do what I had to do fork over the money, pooooo!

So after all that bullshit, it was time for me to get on the ferry and go to this island, it was a nice lil ride I sat in a big bean bag pillow on the top deck and just chilled till we got there. So we pulled up and all I saw all these colorful houses, too cute! So my day was pretty much me just walking around this lil sleepy village taking photos. So here are the photos, hope you like!


One thought on “A Little Geek Island

  1. violet says:

    Hello potty mouth

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