Random Istanbul!

Now for some randomness  and my last blog on Istanbul. Booooooooooo, but yaaaaaaay so I can begin with my other blogs. Anyway back to randomness I know I told you that I got a teaching job here in Istanbul, well the name of the school was called british english, here is a picture of me and some of my students.

But I don’t think that I mentioned that I was also teaching belly dancing 2 times a week as well. I know its kind of  funny an american girl teaching belly dancing in turkey right? Well there are several reason why I wanted to teach. One was because I wanted to brush up on my turkish belly dancing and I found it ridiculously expensive. The second was because when I actually took a class, the teachers went very good teachers and they didn’t properly break down the steps, they would just have the students copy what they were doing, and the students looked so lost. The third was because there were barely any english belly dance teacher and I knew that there were people who wanted to learn that were not turkish. So I pretty much taught because I thought that there were shitty teachers and none that spoke english, so I decided to teach at an affordable price that students, travels and anybody else could afford. I taught germans, french, turkish, chinese, japanese and aussies, along with teaching I also danced at a birthday party as well.

So here are some random photos I took while walking the streets of Istanbul, hope you enjoy!



This pic i took outside my friend Ilkans window, there was this crazy man yelling at the top of his lungs and flaling his arms around., but he was pretty stylish in his lepored skin shoes,

This pic was taken when I was walking down prostitiute ally, this kid was totally passed out because he had sniffed way too much glue, sad but true!

Random fish bowl at a place where I buy doner sandwiches and juices, thought it looked cool!

random bulldozer crain thingy tearing down shit right outside my window one day.

its about 8am in the moring, pulled an all night rager with the girls, still looking cute!!

this random cat checking things out in our hood, thought it was kinda funny!

Back in my old hood of talabalshe, looking out the window of my funny traditianal british friend tall toms flat, where he let me crash for my last weeks of istanbul!

me perfecting the art of turkish coffee, but like a triple or quadruple dose just to get me going while im slicing and dicing threw leather to make earings.

3 thoughts on “Random Istanbul!

  1. gina says:

    I think he’s just sad that he ran out of glue. Nice pic.

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