A Perfect Day At The Bosphorus Sea and Turkish Shizzle!

This is a funny pic i took of him and drew a mustashe on his chin, on one of our, raki nights!

So one day my friend Ilkan said I want to take you to the Bosphorus, since I have not yet gone. Well if you are wondering who Ilkan is, I mentioned him in one of my other blogs. Pretty much my best friend in Istanbul. He’s a short, funny dude and has goofy crooked teeth that has one that sticks out with a big chip in it, he’s a city boy with big beautiful blue eyes, that likes to ride his scooter and sit on his throne in front of his computer listening to music, looking up stupid shit and not stupid shit like news, while looking out of his window to one of the best views i’ve seen in an Istanbul flat and doing silly dances to make me laugh.  A really good friend to sum up things.  On to our day at he Bosphorus sea

a pigion with a wierd foot!

So we go there on his scooter. Might I say a perfect, perfect day, the sun is shinning, we get there find a bench to have tea on and do one of my favorite things, people watch! Look at stupid miny dogs, boats cruising in the sea, people power walking. Than after a while we went for a walk ourselves and looked at all the millions of jellyfish in the sea. Took some photos, walked some more.  Than decided to go for another drive to get some coffee and a desert, yum!

We get to the cafe look at all the food, deserts, bread, they looked so bomb. Get a table outside order some coffee, smoke some ciggys. Than we order a desert because I had a sweet tooth, but when do I not have a sweet tooth! While were waiting we do more people watching, and take photos of strangers when there not looking, take stupid pictures of ourselves. Than finally they bring us our deserts, Ilkan got these chocolate syrupy ballz, ha ha I think that soo funny,  call me immature but I think its hilarious, whateves! They bring out this huge cake but it with a custard filling, it looked  so good but I had to send it bad due to my allergies to dairy, pooooooooooooooo! But than, they bring out this monster chocolate fudge cake with pistachios, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, in heaven, the first bite of rich chocolate creamy, moist, crunchy, pistachio, layered goodness, was sooooooo bomb. I just about melted in my seat. I got through about half of it and couldn’t even finish it, hah, me one of the best eaters I know couldn’t do it, anybody who knows me, knows how good of an eater I am, ha ha, I got defeated by a chocolate monster cake. But got to take it to go and have it for dinner, yaaaaay! After that we decide to go back home, so we hopped back on his scooter  to jet home because on the way back it  started to rain a bit,  but it felt nice to have lil bits of rain drops hit your face.

So now are some photos of istanbul stuff, hope you like!

My favorite shoe shiner in istanbul, Sometimes after a night at the bars I would buy a shwarmma to eat and than have him shine my boots, kill to birds with one stone!

I took this at this car show on istikal, a chevey in Turkey!

This is the view from this lil seaside restaurant where you can get fish sammys! yum yum



One thought on “A Perfect Day At The Bosphorus Sea and Turkish Shizzle!

  1. violet says:

    Ilkan sounds like the best friend ever…you must miss him terribly. In a simple and traditional way of course!

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