Fun With Color in the City and Istanbul Street Art

Here are some things I saw on a daily basis threw my eye with a twist of color to it, and a lil street art in the mix. Im not gonna blab on like I usually do, enjoy! xoxo

This is at my favorite tea spot at "no name cafe" near my flat


Off the side streets of taksim where all the restaurants are, I love walking down the small back street because all the restaurant walls are covered with street art and graffiti

Some muslim chicks walking down the street in wearing their niqabs

This was taken at one of the antique store around my flat

In the back streets of Taksim

This cool car, that was always parked in front of my flat, just tweeked the colors thought it looked way cooler this way


An installation for 30 days of shopping in Istanbul on takisim

A painting on the wall for this skeezy bar in the back streets on taksim, super funny!


super cute robot wheat paste and artsy fartsy stencil

me being me doing gurrrrrrrrrrrr face!


2 thoughts on “Fun With Color in the City and Istanbul Street Art

  1. Joe Arroyo says:

    Hi cindy looking good as always, be carefull out there . Joe from the Croc.

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