My new spot in Istanbulzee!

Soooooo in my last blog I left of where I was living in a shit hole. Well in the  time being my land lord never fixed those problems I had, by this time it was the next month and he was asking for rent and I told him I wasnt going to pay him until he fixed the problems. But yeah no,  still not fixed,  so I bounced out of there without paying the first 2 weeks rent, no my house not my problem im, right? So the new place that I was moving to was on the other side of  downtown, the opposite side of the ghetto. The area was called cihangir,  super cute area surrounded by cafes and antique shops. It was 10 min to the sea and 10 min to the city center, perfect location kinda like the hipster area of Istanbul! Yes it was mos def a lil more expensive than my other place but definitely worth it.











So one thing that egypt and turkey have in common is that there are tons of stray dogs and cats everywhere. The one difference is that the dogs are super fat, you would never think that they were homeless. In my neighborhood you see at least 1 or 2 dogs on every corner just chillen sleeping walking around all slow, being dogs and the cats looking around all curious, looking for chicken bones or  going up trees to no where. If  I was a stray dog I would totes wanna live in turkey, I’m a Dog!



So my favorite thing about living in my new hood was going to this cafe that was 5 min away from my flat that my turkish homie showed me cuz he lived in the hood too.  Theres was no name for this lil outdoor cafe and it had small lil tables and sold only tea and turkish coffee. But the best thing about it was the view it had. Really it was the best view of the sea and of Istanbul, I usually went there like 3 times a week for tea time,  just bring yourself a lil snack for breakfast or lunch and it was perfect to just daze out and look at the view. So on my way walking to this cafe I would always see this street art and it would always make me smile, there was  nothing really cool about it, but I just liked what it said, the first one said “sometimes I think sometimes I don’t”, totally funny, I think everyone could relate to that, and the other one was in turkish that says “bazi kizlar cok guzel banianoe” which means “some girls are so beautiful”

So in my last blog i was talking about that turkish drink called raki and how much i love it. Well its an anise flavored alcohol and its clear until you pour a lil water in it and drop a couple cubes of ice. The traditional way to drink it is to have it with food, everyone gets together at a restaurant or someones house has a bunch of food,  like appetizers and just chat with friends or family for days drinking and eating. But since i liked it so much i drank it even when I wasnt eating and everyone thought it was so weird to drink it without eating, so I would drink it in the bars and get weird looks, but whateves!

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