Istanbul, On the Hunt!

I feel like a douche bag for always saying this but for reals its been days since my last blog, im soo behind but have so much to tell as well. After my trip of traveling turkey I came back to Istanbul to hunt for a job,  in hopes that I could find one with in two weeks.  Luckily for me my friend that I had couch surfed with when I first came to Istanbul said that I could stay with him until I found a job, so that helped me out a lot and it was really nice of him. I was trying to find a bartending job again. There are so many bars and pubs here in Istanbul that  I thought that it would be easy for me to find a job here bartending, eeeeeehhhhhhhhh nope totally hard because I don’t speak a lick of turkish, so had to think of another plan. Hummmmmmmm well my  awesome friend Phil back from Cali said that he has a friend here in Istanbul that works as an english teacher  so he told me to meet up with him and maybe he could help me out getting a teaching job. So I met up with him, and  he told me that I would have no problemo getting a job because in turkey there sooooooo many people that want to learn english and not enough teachers. So the next day I went to the school where he works put in my resume talked to them for a bit and wham bam thank you mam I was hired, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay got a job.

So now that my job hunt was over, I was on the hunt for a place to live, uhgggggg what a drag and it took so much time, that was like a job in its self, I think I probably looked at around 20 different places to live no joke, such a pain in the ass, people seriously just trying to rip you off with their schemes. What you see in the pictures on Craigslist is not what it looks like in person, than when you get there they change the price, just a lot of bullshit, a waist of my time and money, blahhhh! so finally I found a place in my budget.  Which was kinda a shit hole but “tamam” which means ok in turkish. Any way I agreed to live there because the landlord said he was gonna get the heater fixed, get the internet connected and clean the room. So the day im supposed to move in I call him to make sure that everything is done and he said yeah, yeah everything’s good, im like sweet so I lug my shit all the way to the european side because I was staying on the asian side. Of course when I get there, there’s no internet, the room and the bathroom arent clean and the heaters not fixed, uhhhhhhhhh I was so over it but I stayed anyway, used a lil electric heater, cleaned the room and paid for half of the month. I wasnt living in the best neighborhood,  it was pretty much the ghetto of Istanbul, full of drug dealers, prostitutes, whore houses, really poor families, trannies, dark streets and me. The outcasts of Istanbul. But to tell you the truth I really liked it, definitely not a boring place to live. With colors of laundry hanging from the buildings, kids playing in the streets, always that shady dude on the corner,  the prostitutes waiting for customers, seeing the trannies in the morning without there makeup definitely a site to see, the drunk bum laying on the side of the streets, the nasty smell of garbage, rotting veggies and piss, ew yuckville, but everything else entertaining.

Well besides living in a shit hole I was having a great time in Istanbul, finally figuring my way around the city, meeting new friends, good times. The one good thing about living in the shit hole was that it was a 5 min walk to the main downtown area, which is called taksim, and the main street is called istikal. Everyday this street is packed with peeps, tons of shops, places to eat, bars, street performers and cafes, blah, blah, blah! So pretty much on every corner

there’s the smell of chestnuts roasting, their really good,  steamed mussels stuffed with rice, so tasty when you’ve had a night of drinking, doner spinning on their thingys, its huge things of chicken or beef cooking in circles,those are the turkish sandwiches bythe way. If there’s one thing that the turkish like to it is just walk around arm in arm, and after work meet with people for a drinks and  a bite to eat, whether it be a beer, tea, or the official turkish alcohol raki, which is like pasties, its clear when you drink it, but then you add water and it turns a milky white, everybody drinks it when they have their dinner feast. I absolutely love it, give you a fun lil buzz until you drink a whole bottle and then black out but that’s a different story.

Some things that I liked doing when I had some free time was going to the bazaar and check things out, always packed and crowded. Pretty much everything there that you could imagine, from spices, clothing, bullshit things made in china, jewelry, plants, animals, food, turkish things and non turkish things, everything pretty much. When I first started going there I was always getting lost, but then after a while found my way around. Ummmmmm, lets see what else. I went to a Frida and Diego art exhibition at a museum that was right by my house, with my silly new friend Ilkan,  Which I finally went to, it took about 3 weeks for me to finally get around going to,  every week my friend would say are we gonna go see the ugly lady today which was kinda funny but not funny cuz she’s one of my favs artist. the show was really small pretty cool. So I  have a lot of other stuff to say but I will save it for my other Istanbul blogs.


6 thoughts on “Istanbul, On the Hunt!

  1. PJ says:

    Hey gorgeous,

    Great blog and pics. Thx for sharing,

    Peju (CS)

  2. Burak says:

    Hey welcome to Istanbul!

  3. catherine sommer says:

    Everthing looks like it is still going very strong. I wish you all the happiness and love possible. My energy is with you always. I love you! Post more photos of you! I miss your face!

  4. BACON STRIPS says:

    what about that simple traditional dude you met?

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