Touring Turkey Part 5, Today Was a Good Day in Cappidocia

The next day me and the Polish girls, went for another small hike and wandered around more. There was a full moon that night and you could see it coming up at sunset, it looked amazing with the landscape. So the polish girls were gonna leave that night, But I wanted to stay one more day so I could have a solo day to myself the next day. We checked out of  The Flintstones Cave Hotel, we had a yabba dabba doo time, ha ha yeah so cheezy I know! and I then I went to a different hostel in the center of the town.


The next day I was on a mission. I was gonna have a me day. So I went to the market, got some goodies so I could have a little lunch somewhere. While walking I found a really cool old scarf on the ground. Its know my favorite scarf, I wear it everyday now. I’m thinking it was a little village ladies scarf that fell from her.  I went to one of the stores to buy a little mirror, because I really needed to pluck my eyebrows. Of coarse I had to bargain for a mirror because every place is was over priced, finally I bought one for 5 liras from 20 liras. Then I went walking towards another valley called rose valley. On my way there I saw this really tiny old cemetery, so I decided to take a small pit stop and read a book. After a half an hour I left and went towards the valley, I was on this really long dirt road luckily for me I had my headphones on and my belly dance music came on so I decided to belly dance all the way down the dirt road, good thing there was no one around. Then I came upon a bunch of old rotting pumpkins and smashed them on  an old refrigerator.  Played on an abandoned water park. Drank a juice box and ate an orange in a rock house and laid in a tomb. Plucked my eyebrows next to a rock shaped like a huge dick. Talked shit to big fat fly that was following me. Hiked up a mountain, did some yoga and meditation. Made a bracelet, screamed at the top of my lungs, ate a banana with honey. Ran down the mountain, kissed my had under a tree that had some mistle toe hanging from it. Petted a houses snout, hitchhiked back into town. Got a turkish bath so relaxing, ahh! ran back to my hotel, packed my shit! Got a sandwich ran to the bus station, made it just in time to hop on the bus. Ate my sammy and passed out, today was a good day! On my way back to Istanbul to find a job.







One thought on “Touring Turkey Part 5, Today Was a Good Day in Cappidocia

  1. Remy Shlumper says:

    ‘Drank a juice box and ate an orange in a rock house and laid in a tomb.’ Oh My Gosh!! Best entry yet! Here’s to them good days! Hauler!

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