Touring Turkey Part 4 Cappidocia, Dick Valley! Oops I mean Love Valley

After checking out Palmmukale, the polish girls and I got on a bus to Cappadocia, it was an over night bus ride because it took about 8 or 9 hours to get there.  I could not sleep on the bus at all even after taking 3 sleeping pills. It was a hell ride there,  a mom and a kid behind me and the kid was crying and throwing up, so it smelled really bad, uggggggh! After 7 hours of in and out sleep I woke up at sunrise and we were just starting to get in to Cappadocia. It was really beautiful the mountains were glowing orange and red, and as we started getting closer, I could see all the hot air balloons taking off, it was really sweet!

So we finally get there early in the morning we were soo tired, all we wanted to do was just find a place to sleep and put our backpacks down.We found a place called the Flintstone’s. Most of the hostels and hotels are in the  rock formation, so the rooms are in-built into the rocks and your sleeping in caves. Since we didn’t have much sleep we just slept for a couple of hours when we got there and then woke up later and walked around and checked out the village. Cappadocia is really unique with its chimmny rock houses. The reason for the crazy rock formations is because, In the upper Myosen period in the Cappadocia region, vulcanic eruptions occurred in Erciyes, resulting in chimmny rock formation, really its a wonder of nature. The first Christians escaped from the persecution of the Roman Empire in the 2nd century B.C. came to the Cappadocia and settled here. Due that they had to live in the underground cities for long duration without being able to go out they have developed these underground cities by making provisions rooms, ventilation chimneys, and wine production places. Still from this day people are still living in these rock formation as they did back in they day.

So the next day when we were refreshed  we  decided to go for a hike in one of the valleys. This one is called love valley, you will know why when you see the photos, really a site to see. Its kind of strange for some, and to think that mother nature  erected theses giant falic rocks for the worlds  viewing pleasure. It was really out of this world to see something like this, but really funny you could only think what the people from thousands of years thought when they saw these things. It was a really fun long hike going up and down this rocky valley of love.










When we finished love valley we decided to hike back into town  through another small valley, called pigeon valley. So were hiking and hiking then we get to this spot where the trail just cuts off. We don’t know really what to do so we look around more and finally found another trail. The shitty thing about most of these trails is that there are no signs to point you in the right direction. So we start walking down this other trail but it does the same thing. Some of the trails have dissapered from the rain and resulting in the trails just sliding or falling off the mountains. Well anyway we were getting over it and by this time it was getting dark and we were hangry (hungry+angry=hangry) so I look around see if there’s any other way down, but there isn’t, so I decide that im just gonna try it. So I climb down carefully on one part and inspect the area, I think I can do it if I slide down on my ass. At the bottom of this thing are two boulders next to each other and at the very bottom is this black hole, some kind of well or something it looks pretty small maybe 3 feet or so, from my view. So I’m thinking I can just jump over it. I tell the girls that im gonna do it and if I make it they should try it as well. We didn’t want to go back through the trail because it was getting dark and we were more than half way there.  I decided to go for it, I had to climb down another part but first I had to take my back pack to climb down. I put my back pack down and  automatically it tumbles really fast down and goes in that black hole, I’m like Fuuuuuuuuuuck! I have no idea where this black hole goes into, maybe a parallel universe or maybe its shallow and i can just grab it out, I have no idea, so I decide im really gonna go for it now because i need to get my backpack. I start sliding down on my ass going really fast im getting all muddy, im getting kinda scared, my heart racing really hard, I get to the boulders and wedge my way down and when I get to the black hole it find out that there’s a small stream underneath it and that my backpack is ok. But I still need to get over this hole and by the time I got down, for some reason it got bigger than what I thought it was, he he, my bad. I lunge myself over and to the side barely making it and being releaved for my life. It sometimes take life threatening situations like this to be really thankful for being alive and I really felt alive, with all the adrenaline pumping through my body. So during this time one of the polish girls was getting an anxiety attack and didn’t want to do it because it was way to scary for her so she decided to take the trail back the way we came from and while I was getting down the other polish girl was finding an other way down. After a while  I realized that I was bleeding from my elbow and have a couple of big rasberries on my elbow from sliding down, scared memories! I got my backpack and we headed into town to the first place to eat.

I will have one more blog on Cappadocia so stay tuned, here are some more photos! hope you like.


2 thoughts on “Touring Turkey Part 4 Cappidocia, Dick Valley! Oops I mean Love Valley

  1. catherine sommer says:

    Missing you more now than ever. I am all alone now and am looking for room mates! When you coming back? You can come and stay with me! Think about it! I love you and am glad you’re experiencing love and friendship. I am searching for the same! xoxoxo

    • cindy aldana says:

      I miss you too, i thought you were gonna go to your sisters, I still have no idea when im coming back, you should save up a lil more and just join me and find a job, i know spain is looking for english teacher! xo

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