Touring Turkey Part 3 Antalya and Palmukkale

So on my last blog I left off leaving from Olympus to Antalya. So In Antalya I decided to do some couch surfing. I had to wait for him while he got off work, so I waited at a Starbucks for him to come pick me up, but while I was waiting. there all of a sudden I just started to feel like shit then got  the chills and fever,  So by the time he  got there to pick me up, my sickness was in full effect, my eyes were watering from the fever I felt horrible. So he finally came and picked me up and I looked like death, it was really bad. I think I got sick from being in Olympus, hiking in the rain and hail, then trying to sleep in the freezing cold, yup that did it!

Well anyway, he took me back to his place gave me some of his mommies soup, I took some cold medicine and after a while I felt a lil better, but for a couple of days I was still sick. But during all this time there was a big storm happening, raining thunder and lightning was happening off and on so I couldn’t really do much. But one day we went to brunch to the sea and brought a picnic and chilled out and played some futbol, it was a nice clear day this day. So later that night we went out for drinks, it started to rain again and we still wanted to party but we couldnt be loud at his place, so we got some instruments and went under a parking garage and stated playing music, really fun while all the rain was pouring down! Then the rain stopped again so we though it might be fun to go to the sea, but it’s still thundering and lightning out so the sea looks amazing. Of course what do I do when we start walking  to the sea. I start running, towards the sea and as im running, im stripping my clothes off one by one, by the time i get to the sea im totally naked and jump head first into the waves, ahh so refreshing, I felt totally alive again, seeing the lightening and swimming in the stormy dark sea in the dead of night was just what I needed after getting over a cold, ha ha! totally exhilarating!

After Antalya I went by bus to the city Denizli to go to Palmukkale, I did some more couch surfing there as well, The couch surfer that I was surfing with was kinda weird, so I only stayed there one night, there’s a funny weird story that goes with it but if you really want to know I can tell you later, but luckily while I was staying there he was hosting to other couch surfers as well and we were going to the same destination. So me and these two polish girls went to Palmukkale the next day. Palmukkale in turkish  means cotton castle. The city contains hot springs and travertines,  pools of carbonate minerals left by the flowing water. Sadly in recent years it has been abused and there’s a bit of water shortage so people are no longer allowed to bathe in them. Behind this cloud like wonder are ruins of the Romain city  Hierapolis. To get to the top of these travertine you have to take your shoes off because it gets them all dirty so you have to walk bare foot all the ways up, it’s a little cold and painful at first but then your feet go numb so you can’t feel them or you can just wait in the springs and let your feet marinate for a bit. Its is a really pretty site to see, the mountain looks like its covered in snow  with these aqua blue pools at the edge, but it’s actually the minerals left behind that built up. I really just wanted to get in my undies and dip in one of the pools, it looks so relaxing to just sit in one and watch the view. Next blog will be my trip to cappidokia my favorite place so far in turkey!

2 thoughts on “Touring Turkey Part 3 Antalya and Palmukkale

  1. McNutt says:

    You are one wild child so-sick… Awesome stories.. I’m jealous..

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