Touring Turkey Part 2 Koycegiz and Olympus

So I was off to get back to my travels, while I was on the bus I met this Romanian Dude! Quite talkative, but really nice guy, so I asked him if he wanted to join be to Koycegiz with me and go to the thermal baths because I didn’t want to go alone and plus I wanted to  hitchhike and it’s always better to hitchhike with someone. So finally we got to Koycegiz after lots of delays from road work, and got to this hostile, ate some food and called it a night! So we could wake up early and go to the thermal baths. The only way to get to the thermal baths is to hire a taxi for a really expensive price, so we opted for hitchhiking. The thermal baths are about 40 minutes outside the town in the forest. We walked for about 20 minutes until somebody decided to give us a ride, dropped us off when they got to their destination walked more ate a bunch of juicy oranges along the ways untill another person picked us up and drove us to the place we needed to go!

When we got there, their was barely anyone there, just the workers and then some of the people from the village came. I was really happy that there werent any tourist around. First you take a mud bath, then after you have to rinse off with fresh water, but the shower water was freezing cold so I jumped in the lake instead because it was a lil warmer. Than you go in the thermal bath, and its nice and warm and after you come out your skin in nice and soft!

When we were finished we had to go walk back all the way to the main road to hopefully catch a ride back into town. We waited a while, there were no cars because it’s not the season. So we saw this tracker pulling a bunch of lumber and decided we should try just in case no one came. They let us on and we had to sit on top of all the lumber, it was really funny but really cool going through the mountains on top of a pile of lumber. When we got back into town it was dark. So we hitched another ride to go to a different town called Fethyie we just stayed there for the night. So we could go to Olympus the next morning.

We go to Olympus by bus it was a really pretty drive along the coast. But when we got there it was thundering and lightening and already dark and pouring rain. But the next morning when we woke up it was nice and clear. In Olympus there are a bunch a tree houses that people stay in its really cool I felt like a little girl again playing in my tree house. In Olympus there are these eternal flames burning at the top of this mountain, I thought it would be cool to see it so I went for a hike. Along the way it was raining off and on but when I finally got to the top it was totally clear and I had this great view of the sea. The flames are crazy, there just burning out  these little holes in the mountain. There are these natural gases that come out and the flames just burn. But of course when I get down the mountain to go back to where I was staying it started raining really hard and hailing, I had my umbrella but I was still completely soaked by the time I got back because it was and hour walk from down the mountain.

The next day it cleared up so I relaxed on the beach all day and read a book made some earings, ate a lunch, it was perfect even though it wasnt warm enough to go in the water. After all day and all night it was pouring rain thunder and lightening and it was sooo cold in my little tree house, I slept with 3 big blankets my jacket, hat, scarf  and shivered my self to sleep, that was a time where I was really wishing I had somebody to snuggle with and keep me warm. After 3 days there I decided it was time roll again. So the next day I left for Antalya my next destination. The next blog will be on that city and more, Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Touring Turkey Part 2 Koycegiz and Olympus

  1. dreamer:. says:

    kali wants you to mail her some feather earrings cause she pierced her ears. She says she misses u with all her heart and wants to know why u took a mud bath???

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