Touring Turkey Part 1 Istanbul and Bodrum!

Holy moly, I know I always say im finally updating my blog, but this time it has been the longest that i havent written one. Well its been three months since my last one, and its been over three months since I’ve been living in turkey. I arrived in turkey at the end of November and stayed in Istanbul for a little over a week and went off on the rest of my travels to see turkey.

My first week in Istanbul, I pretty much just walked around, took the ferries to discover the other side of  city, I didn’t really take too much photos because I knew I was going to come back, I wanted to walk around hands free, also it was raining a lot so I didn’t really want to bring my camera out in the rain.  But one place I did go to was the blue mosque I went there with a friend that I met in Egypt that was  randomly in Istanbul.

While I was here I did some more couch surfing. In Istanbul there are two side to the city there is the asian side and there is the european side and its divided by the Marmara Sea. So the main way for people to get to the other side is to take ferries, they take about 20 min to get to each side. I really love taking the ferries it’s really relaxing. The side of the city that I was staying on was the asian side but the city center is on the european side so I was taking the ferry everyday pretty much to get around. The birds would fly really close to the ferry because people would feed them. I took a photo of a random couple, I thought they looked cute!

But one particular day I was on the ferry and there was a fire on top of this old building. It happened to be the oldest train station in Istanbul, I could actually feel the heat all the way from the ferry, i heard someone burnt it down because they wanted to make a hotel out of it, so they got mad and tried to burn it down, but only the roof burnt because the place is made out of stone.

I know this blog is really short on Istanbul, but my next blog on Istanbul will be full of  turkish moustaches, bazaars, bars,  trannies, chesnuts burning and bread!

But now on to my next destination Bodrum. Bodrum is a lil sea-side town in the south-west south turkey. I flew from Istanbul to Bodrum for like $30 so cheap and it took an hour to get there, way better and cheaper than taking the bus. Before I got there I requested a couch to surf when I got there so I didn’t stay in any hostels. I stayed at this guys Jimi’s small farm, real nice guy, he is a ceramics artist. On the farm there were orange trees, tangerine trees, chickens and  horses. I think I stayed there a bout 4 days it was really nice, I drank fresh oj and tangerine juice every morning, did a little mushroom hunting, there were some really good mushrooms that I found and had cooked and we ate for dinner in this delicious stew we had made. What else ummmmmmm, laid around in the green pasture and watched the clouds go by, walked around looking for feathers i found a bunch, because of the chickens they weren’t just regular chickens they had these really cool polka dot feathers. I’m a dumbass and accidentally erased the photos at his farm on my camera so I have no pictures, which is a real bummer.

He also took to me into town on his scooter and showed me around and took me to the sea, and to the market to get veggies. We made some really good meals while I was there almost everything had tangerines in it. I made a really good coconut tangerine glaze for some chicken that we had BBQ, tangerine salad dressing, yum and ect, ect………Had some beers at the sea, watched these kitten try to eats some crabs, really cute! So my for days where up and it was time for me to hit the road and see more of turkey. So I caught the next bus out and left. My next blog will be out shortly so you can read where I went next.

2 thoughts on “Touring Turkey Part 1 Istanbul and Bodrum!

  1. christy hardin says:

    Cindy!! Looks like you are still having a blast! I love the picture of the burning train station. Just another day in Turkey huh? crazy peeps. I also really like the couple picture. That is a great one! Keep up the traveling. We miss u and love you. xoxoxo

  2. violet says:

    Love your scarves and the taste of tangerines. Love you, miss you, can’t wait to see your crazy pretty face in Spain, 8 weeks left!

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