Random Lebanon

Finally im doing my last blog on Lebanon. So through out my stay in Lebanon I had my share of randomness, besides hanging out with the GORILLAZ, I did some other interesting stuff. One of my favorite things  to was to go to the saturday, sunday market which was under the freeway, you could find almost anything there, from monkeys to pocket watches, brass knuckles to old vintage mirrors with John Travolta on them, cheap knock off clothing to amazing leather boots! There was literally everything you could imagine old to new amazing shitty junk,  anybody who really knows me,  knows that I love going through other people’s old junk, its one of my favorite things to do, there was so much shit that I want to buy, but just couldn’t because I don’t have anywhere to put it since im traveling. But I did manage to buy a pair of amazing brown leather biker boots in perfect condition for $8 bucks, which would normally cost over $200, they have these huge piles of boots and you just have to go through them and find the other pair, I really have no idea where they got all these shoes, and I would rather not want to know, I also got an old 80’s shirt, my favorite thing to drink there was this juice that was supposed to taste like berries, but it just tasted like the flavor of purple, you know that purple flavor taste !

Umm lets see what else um I did this Mojito competition.  It was on this rooftop bar on top of this hotel over looking the sea. There was like 30 guys and only 3 girls.  I made my strawberry basil mojito.  I didn’t win the competition of course because it was fixed, I later learned that most competitions  in Beirut were all fixed, but I had a good time anyway, all the mojitos I could drink,  free food, swam in the pool on the roof with a great view of the sea.  Left with 3 bottles of booze, a T-shirt, a bag and a sun burn.  It was funny because one of my friends that I had met in beirut, but went back to Saudi Arabia, said that he saw me on fashion tv arabia making mojitos, a month later, I just think that’s weird that someone saw me on tv in Saudi arabia, hehe!

I also sold some jewelry at some small boutiques in Beirut.  The first one that I sold some pieces at was at this little artist boutique called “luanatic”there were all kinds of different designers and there was a lot of funky cute  stuff.  I sold my feather earings there. The second one was this place called the “Union”  it was more of a clothing store and very pricey but had really cool stuff as well and they also took local designers . I was selling some new pieces that I had made because I ran out of feathers.  I started making earings out of leather. So since I didn’t have anymore feathers and I couldn’t really find them anywhere, I started making leather feathers and a bunch of other fun designs.

I went to this village party one time, one of my friends took me to his village that is north-east in Lebanon right on the border of Lebanon and Syria.  So even though I couldn’t go into Syria I could see it, so that’s my Syria story, short and sweet! Anyway so for this party they sacrificed a whole sheep, I even saw it get its head chopped off and get skinned, very weird. They have this tradition of eating the liver raw, right after they kill it, they do everything so fast.  I have never ate raw liver before, but I didn’t want to be rude so I ate some anyway, you eat it with salt pepper onion and mint leaves, it actually taste better raw than cooked liver to me, so that was kinda crazy, and we even drank homemade arak, which is a traditional middle eastern alcohol. It has a different name in each country, its made of anese seed, it’s really good, I love it, but it gets you really drunk. Oh did i mention we shot, shot guns and hand guns, lots of fun, while we were in the village my friend also took me too this really old church that’s hundreds of years of old, it was really beautiful.

And here are some random photos that I took at the beach and some other places!


7 thoughts on “Random Lebanon

  1. Devin McBain says:

    I love reading about your adventures abroad! Dude, that pink sunset is sweet. And the Barney doll on the ground is kinda creepy. Love it all, and I love you!

  2. christy hardin says:

    Cindy!! I love reading up on what you are doing and seeing your amazing pictures. I am so glad u are having a great time. You have been gone soooo long. You’re so independent! We miss u!!

  3. CAT SOMMER says:

    amazing! Love seeing your new stuff! Just hung out with Gina in Lompoc and had a great time. Missed you but you were in the air. Love you and hope you stay healthy and safe.

  4. Joe says:

    Love ya Sis!! Happy New Year too. I hope you had a great time, by the look of it I’m sure you had a blast. We miss you and love ya lots. Good job taking care of yourself!! Your Bro!

  5. violet says:

    Love the green socks (my favorite color) and your sweet face!

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