Beruit Street Art, Jesus and Mary

So while walking around Beirut I happened to take some pictures of some of the graffiti and street art, some was really rad, some amused or humored me, and some I thought made a good photo. Surprisingly there are lots of street art and graffiti in the streets. There are actually some really good artist in Beirut, and a lot of it I didn’t get any photos of  because most of it I saw was when I was in the taxi or riding in someones car, but the ones I saw on foot I took photos of so here’s are some photos!

There was one thing that I had no idea of when I came to Lebanon. It was the fact that there are so many Christians here, because the majority in the middle east is Muslim. So another thing that you will see a lot of in the streets of Lebanon are shrines of Jesus or Mary there almost on every block or posters on the walls. I’m not a religious person but I kinda like the shrines and seeing Jesus every where, it reminds me of my grandma and my nana, it also bring a lot of character to the city,  there’s one shrine that I was particularly interested in, its off the highway and its at a gas station, so while you’re pumping your gas you can go over to the shrine and take a kneel and have a quick prayer, kill two birds with one stone. So yeah, took some shots of the jesus, he’s my homeboy!

3 thoughts on “Beruit Street Art, Jesus and Mary

  1. Cat Sommer says:

    INTERESTING! Reminds me of the streets of Bogota. I love you.

  2. Violet says:

    Don’t forget that the sacred heart of Jesus (and the one in the kitchen) and the novena grandma prays for you every morning on her 3 mile walk is what’s keeping you safe and free sista!

  3. ohno says:

    Beirut misses you!

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