Finally my first blog on Lebanon!

Well shit im finally making my first blog on Lebanon, its been over 4 months since I’ve been here. I’ve been really busy an kinda have been being a slacker on the blog. So when I first came to Lebanon I did some more couch surfing, stayed with a girl this time, she was very nice, she let me stay at her place for like 2 weeks. I pretty much just ventured the city by foot and service taxis. The country kinda reminds me of california but on a much smaller scale, with the sea all along the coast , and the mountains in the background, very beautiful!  As much as it is beautiful, it’s definitely had its hard times emotionally and physically with the devastations of war and terrorist attacks.  Lebanon is a teeny tiny and chaotic country. With their contradictions like the notorious Hezbollah and a  popping night life, if those of you don’t know who  Hezbollah is you should look him up and read about him a bit. Also there 18 official religions and 3 widely spoken languages. Lebanon definitely has its good and bad, all compact into a bubble of confusion, it always has me asking that question, why?

One of the first sight seeing  things I did was I went and checked out the Jetta Grotto, its one of the best grottos in the world, Its was soo soo  fantastical, stalagmites and stalactites, shimmering and growing up and down, its was really magical, they look like huge pieces of cauliflower, with sparkles all over them. The first one that I went into, you could walk into. Some of the stalactites and stalagmites were as high as 30 feet I think it was amazing. the second grotto we went into, you had to take a boat ride and the water is this aqua blue, so tempting to just jump in but the water is freezing.

So with all this walking I had been doing around the city. I was seeing more  and more  of  the devastation  that the wars had done to the city. Almost every building you look at has so many bullet holes in them or chunks of the walls being taken out from bombs and grenades. This is my frist time being somewhere where you can actually see the destruction of a war and see how it affects a country. There are so many abandond buildings around the city, some of these old houses and buildings are   beautiful, with no one to fix them up, so what they do to most of  the time is just tear down these old buildings and put up new high rises, so a lot of  Beirut  city is losing their heritage because of this. But sometimes I  look into these old buildings and kind of daydream of how I would fix them up and make them look, they really are dream houses.

Time for my randomness, so some of my friends that I had met in Jordan had come to Lebanon, to see the GORILLAZ the band. The night before we go to see them perform we got invited to go to this party in the mountains in Beirut. How we got there was a bunch of people piled into this red and white party bus and picked up people on the way. We finally made it up there and when we got to this party its was at this mansion, with a pool full people getting it on, people jumping around in this big trampoline,  a table filled with free booze and who else some of the guys from GROILLAZ, what a random night.The next night was the show so we all meet up and go to the show, it was really cool the show was in Byblos a city a little north of Beirut, the venue had theses old ruins behind it, very pretty, and the show was a lot of fun. But then after the show, we go to this roof top club called sky bar, and partied again VIP style with the GORILLAZ again, I don’t have any pictures of the partying just the fun blurry memories, what a blast tho!

Well in the meantime while I was having all this fun I was also looking for a job and a place to live. My hunt for a job wasnt that hard, but it was hot and sweaty walking around. I pretty much,  just walked to all the bars I saw and asked if they were hiring, some said yes some said no, I worked at a couple of places until I found a place that I was actually comfortable at. The bar is called ” Name this Bar”, I know confusing right!  The hard thing was looking for a place to live. Theres  not that big of a selection. Not a lot of people are looking for roommates because almost everyone still lives with their parents still and they don’t move out until they get married, so I kind of had a hard time finding one, but I finally did, and it was on the same street aswere I worked so it was pretty convenient walking to work and back, the street is called GEMAYZEE  its one of the main streets were are all the pubs and restaurants are. But I really liked where I was living because I had a patio off my room and had a great view of the city and I could even see the sea.

So here are some random photos of Beirut.


3 thoughts on “Finally my first blog on Lebanon!

  1. Violet says:

    I agree with Cat, post something with your mug. Love you lots but really miss you alot too.

  2. Cat Sommer says:

    Why no pictures of you? I want to see pictures and pictures of your face! I was just daydreaming abour you at work and am so surprised that you wrote a blog! I checked my email and there you were in cyberland! Miss you, talk to you soon on skype! Love you, Cat

    • cindy aldana says:

      cat i miss you, i just posted a picture of me and you on my facebook from burning man theres a couple look them up on karl facebook, i love and i will talk to ya soonish! xoxo

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