Dead Sea, Amman and Jerash

So how much fun could the Dead Sea really be? That was my question. So after Wadi Rum me and a couple of friends took a day trip to the dead sea. We told our driver that we were only going to stay for 45 min, so he had to wait. I mean all there is to do there is float, and how long can you float for? Right! Well we totally under estimated the funness of The Dead Sea. Is funness even a word? I doubt it but whateves! I think we stayed there for about 2 1/2 hours or more, it was so much fun! Despite the fact if you have any teeny tiny cuts on you, you can feel the sting on every single one, so they advise not to shave before you go there. But anyways it was so much fun, you really just float, tits an ass above water so weird! You try all these crazy ways of floating, the pencil, running in place, ect, ect…. but then when your finished floating, you can give yourself a mud bath and cover your whole body with mud. Then wait for it to dry and rinse it off in the fresh water spring that’s boiling hot. After you rinse it off your skin feels silky smooth.

After the dead sea I made my way over to Amman the capital of Jordan. Where I met up with my old friend Omar from Cali, were he took me to stay at his spacious flat. It was such a pleasure to stay in a nice place after being in Egypt and living in shitty hostels for months. It was like a vacation from a vacation with a big screen TV, feather comforter, air conditioning and a beautiful view of the city, ahhhhhhhh! My days consisted of me sleeping in, relaxing, watching movies which I had not done in months, dancing around by myself in his big dining area which had no furniture. Picture me shimmying around in circles at least 4 times a day or droppin it like its hot just to make sure my knees still worked, haha, getting my yoga on, smoking shisha of course! Waiting 15 mins for taxis to take me downtown, going to cafes, smoking more shisha, doing shit on the computer, walking, taking photos, more walking, tea, sweating, reading, watching futbol, eating, yadda, yadda, yadda.

So about the city. Amman is a beautiful city, roaming with amazing views of hill top buildings, houses, and apartments. Until I got there I didn’t realize how expensive Jordan really was, its more than the euro.  You see people driving expensive cars, people going to cafes meeting up with friends, girls walking down the street with their designer name brand bags and blah, blah, blah. But then there is the downtown area bustling with the not so fortunate people, and that’s where you see the old side of town with markets and people trying to sell you stuff.

My trip  is never complete with out me having a random happening somewhere. So one night me and Omar and his friend go to his cousin mansion for drinks. Then later in the night me and his cousin go to this party down the street from him, which is another mansion. So we go in and there’s a pool surrounded with people wearing all white, it’s a white party.I’m not wearing any white don’t even own a piece of clothing that s white. Me not knowing a  single person goes straight to the bar and gets a drink. I start walking around checking out the place and the people and start mingling. Then i smell the sweet smell of shisha so i follow it. I go up the stairs to the balcony and see the shisha. Theres one hooka  that’s not being used and its right next to this guy on the couch with his back turned. So I ask him hey can i get that shisha pipe if you’re not smoking it, then he turns around and i see that’s its woody harrelson, im like what the fuck! Me  being a huge idiot says, hey woody whats up? like I’ve known him for years, and he says not much! Then I ask him whats he’s doing in Amman and he says he’s just hanging out. Then we just start talking and smoking shisha, then all these people start coming up to him and ask him if they can take a picture with him, so im just sitting there smoking shisha and all of a sudden this big guy next to me say’s ” you know that’s woodys shisha” and im like yeah and…. then he says well its woodys, then I go ohh ok and the big guy takes the pipe from away from me, whatevea woody wasnt even smoking it anyway, so i go on and mingle my way around the party. So that was my woody story, he’s such a chill guy.

Then there’s the ruins of Jerash that i went and visited. They are these ancient roman ruins with collums, very pretty. Very nice to see but I think by this time in my trip im all sight seeing out, more sun and walking. The really cool thing about it is there these collums that you can put your finger underneath and you can feel them move, totally earth quake proof.

After a month in Jordan, I was thinking that my stay here in Jordan was over, so I pack up all my stuff and headed to Syria. I take a bus there and when i get to the border i totally get denied my visa into Syria because im american, So im like, Shit! I was thinking that maybe if I go to the second border that they might be a litter nicer and let me in. So i hitch hike to the second border that was about a half hour away and try there. Ugh, totally got denied again. While I was there were two other american dudes hoping to get their visa as well, but they got denied as well, So we were all shit out of luck, so we decided to share a taxi and take our american asses  back to Amman , there was nothing else to do.

So I stayed in Amman another week trying to figure out what the fuck i was gonna do and how i was gonna leave Jordan. But my last week there turned out great because I meet some really amazing new friends and saw some new places in  Amman that I had not yet discovered. my new friend Ramzy  took me around his neighborhood that is kind of the artsy side of Amman and walked around and went to a nice park and a couple of art galleries, and on our walk showed me some street art of  new friend, Camil, aka ohno . My friend Sharmine took me to her friend’s house, which was really artsy with paintings and drawings written all over the walls, filled with  poets, painters, film set designers and what not, are nights consisted drinking a bottle of whatever and doing improv acting and dancing to music, which was so much fun. My time in Jordan was great, Thanks to Omar and his cousin Hisham and my new found friends.

4 thoughts on “Dead Sea, Amman and Jerash

  1. Cynthia eoff says:

    Cynthia you are so amazing!!! Gina directed me to your oh so amazing adventure I have so many admirations in what you are doing!!! Way to live life to the fullest you have always been so pleasant!!! Thoughts of you and your travel memoir!! Xoxo Cynthia Eoff

  2. Joe says:

    Missing you….

  3. Violet says:

    Woody Harrelson, how big was the gap between his teeth? Really? You look great!

  4. cat says:

    wow! That is crazy. I would love to float in the dead sea! You are having such an amazing time! Stay safe and I send you lots of love friend!

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