Petra, a Wonder of the World

Wow, I was amazed by Perta. I mean I’ve seen pictures and read about it but I was really surprised by what I saw. For those of you who don’t know much about Petra I’ll give you a lil rundown. It’s literally a city made of all sandstone and was built in the 3rd century BC. This was the main trade route from Damascus to arabia, trading spices, silk, slaves and so on. There were several earth quakes forcing the people to abandon their city. You look  at the mountain walls and your just amazed by how people could carve all these pillars and rooms out of sandstone, it’s really crazy.

To check out all of Petra you kinda need 2 days because there’s a lot to see, you have to go early in the morning, and then you leave around 2pm because it gets way too hot to walk around unless it’s in the winter time. So me walking around up and down these mountains made me feel how out of shape I really am ugggg! So when I was climbing what they call “High place of Sacrifice” There was this bedouin women on a donkey with her lil  son  probably  about 3 or 4, the mountain is pretty steep, so she took him off the donkey and was making him climb up him self, imagine this lil guy trying to climb up steps that are pretty much the same size as him and he was crying and crying as the mom was already ahead of him. I’m like great!  I have to pick this kid up, I could barely go up my self with my backpack on and my ass hanging off me, so I pick up this lil filthy kid with buggers and snot coming out of his nose and carry him up till we get to a spot where it wasnt so steep, so that he could ride with his mom. It was my good deed of the day! yay! So any way we finally make it to the top, it was an amazing view, but I seriously wanted to sacrifice myself to the gods because I was pretty much dead by the time we got up there. Now I know why they call it the “high place of sacrifice”  but then after a while i was jumping for joy, because i made it up. In the picture in the back round you can see tiny lil caves at the bottom and a white truck that looks the size of an ant, that’s how high we were.

The next day we wake up really early so we can see the treasury with no people around it and then have another hike up to the monastery. Ok this is just a reminder, don’t ever eat a falafel and then go for a hike, probably the worst thing to do because the falafel is soo heavy in your stomach that it weighs you down, so by the time I finally make it up to the monastery im seriously pukeing my brains out because of all the grease!

But one of my favorite things about Petra was looking at all the bedouin guys, their style is outta control, they definitely have a style of their own, I wish I had gotten a picture of one of them, They look like desert pirates, they have long hair with a scarf around it, with the black eyeliner stuff that keeps the glare out of the eyes, facial hair and bright colored clothing, kinda looking like jonny depp, and they live in the caves. The crazy thing about its is that a couple of them came up to me and said that they remembered me from Dahab in egypt,  random huh!

3 thoughts on “Petra, a Wonder of the World

  1. Violet says:

    Love to hear about Beirut next and more photos. Ha those bedouin boys

  2. dreamer:. says:

    how could anybody forget your face. 🙂
    I am kinda bummed that the eyeliner serves a purpose. I was hoping that was just their steeze.

  3. CAT says:

    These are my favorite photos you have taken to date. I love all the colorful donkeys. The Mom didn’t get mad that you touched her child? Things are so different there. If you picked up a kid in the U.S. you would be in court soon after. Hope you are having fun in Lebanon, glad you made it! Love you, Cat

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