Wadi Rum Desert

Me and some friends that I had just met decided to take a visit to wadi rum desert. So we arranged for a jeep tour and a night cap in the desert at the bedouins camp. When the taxi dropped us off on the outside of the desert we were greeted to our  driver, that drove us into the desert to our camp, when we first got there we chilled out for a couple of hours before we went on our jeep ride into the desert.

Well we piled into the truck and went out into the desert and viewed all the different rock formations.

At the end of our desert ride we stopped at this one rock and climbed up on watched the sunset, very beautiful.


When we were all finished we went back  and hung out and waited to eat our bedouin dinner. After we just shot the shit around the camp fire and fell asleep under the stars, it was so great because there was the big rock framing the stars. But then I woke up so early to these huge flies with red eyes buzzing around my head.

But I think my favorite thing about my whole trip to Wadi Rum was our driver, his name was Mohammad. So funny because the whole time he was blazed up, when we first met him was smoking a joint, the whole time through the desert he was smoking a joint, when we watched the sunset he was smoking a joint. I swear every time his joint went out he had another one, ready to spark up. He couldn’t speak any english but some how we seemed to communicate. Almost all his teeth were missing, he literally only had like 4 teeth, I was almost hypnotized by his teeth or what was left of them, and those ones looked like the were about to fall out. But he was a good guy, and it was a fun trip.


7 thoughts on “Wadi Rum Desert

  1. Cynthia Eoff says:

    Wow is all I can say!! I love that you are waking up to crazy flys with red eyes! but, it sure is worth the exchange I am sure…I can only imagine. Cant wait to see more.

  2. dreamer:. says:

    suuuper impressed with your jump! The desert looks amazing. The pic of your jeep driver puffen in the desert is soo rad. It makes sense though that all he does is puff. I would be doin the same thing if I was driving back and forth, back in forth in the desert. And I am sure his teeth didnt just fall out okay,…I bet he pulled each one out everytime he got bored and ran outta herb in the desert. Or he lost to a desert animal shootin dice and had to fork a tooth over which some lucky animal wears proudly now as a pendent hanging from his neck……

  3. lydia rivera says:

    Wow….what an amazing trip you are having! Everything looks so amazing…Sam wants me to say hi and that she misses you and loves you 🙂 i showed her some pictures. So are you ever going to come back lol….it looks like ur right at home….well miss ya and cant want to hear from you!

    • cindy aldana says:

      ahh tell her i loive her and miss her too, tell my dad i said hi!have no idea when im coming back maybe next month maybe 3 months who knows. good to hear from ya. xoxo

  4. Violet says:

    Why do some wear red and others wear black head scarves is there a significance?

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