Diving Down Under In The Red Sea!

Ok so I know I told you that my new love was smoking shisha, but I was wrong, its diving! OH MY GOD, jumping jesus on a pogo stick, diving is the shit! I its soo  magical down there, I felt like a real  mermaid.  I swear I found myself singing songs from the little mermaid while i was diving, I know it’s so wrong huh!  I absolutely love it, words can’t describe! But I’m gonna try.

Well I think the first rad sea creature I saw was and octopus, I wish I had a picture of this but I don’t, I don’t have any pictures of cool creatures I saw at all. But the octopus was crazy, because there were these fish trying to feed off it, then the octopus was trying to swim away but it was more like crawling to the side as it was changing different colors, unreal! Then another cool lil creature I saw was a sea horse. Soo fucken  cute, it had its lil tale curled around  some sea grass as it was sleeping, swaying back and forth  with the current, SEA HORSES FOREVER! I’ve also seen several manta rays flying gracefully through the sea like an eagle in the sky and some scary but cool looking eels, the first one was on my birthday and it was a big sucker, it was redish brown and it was coming out of its coral cave with its mouth wide open crazy looking, bad ass! 

So my friend Maria let me borow her camera so i can take these lovely photo you see. But yeah the diving in the red sea is one of the best in the world, its pretty  fansastical,  I think I did a total of around 14 dives, out of the 14  dives  my 3 favorite were the night  dive and two places  called  the canyon and blue hole. The canyon is a reef that you can go about 18 meters down and see an amazing array of coral and 100 types of fish and then you can swim out further and then you see a canyon that you can dive another  30 meters down into, so you dive down slowly into this crevis  of the sea and when you get down there its dark and you’re a  little loopy  from the compression and the oxygen.  When you look up you see glowing light of the sun through the crack above. Theres also  loin fish guarding  their territory. You feel like you’re in a whole other world. Then you slowly ascend up one by one and dive around the canyon some more.

Then there’s the blue hole where about three feet from the shore off the reef you drop down  immediately  down into deep blue sea, it drops off to about 80 meters or more but divers but divers can only go 30 tp 60 meters. People die here almost every year mainly from nitrongen  narcosis. Theres an  absolutly an astonishing feeling  you get  slowing droping  down into this blue planet, I kinda felt like an astronat. You look down and you see nothing but blue  because its so deep. But the dive is incredable you drift down all along the side of the reef for bout 45 min or so, seeing nothing but coral mountains and sea life. Its spectacular.

Heres a photo of a mural that i painted of all the diving sites in dahab. The dives shop gave me some free divies for painting it.



6 thoughts on “Diving Down Under In The Red Sea!

  1. Jewel says:

    oh cindy you really are a mermaid!!! no wonder you can sing underwater :p looks like your having so much fun…

  2. Phillypantz says:

    Nice Cindy! I haven’t been diving in years and this certainly inspires me to get back at it. It is another world, beautiful and peaceful..unless of course.. well you know. I enjoyed the desert blog as well. You’re trip overall is inspiring as well. Making me feel like a lump over here trucking around California. But I. Having fun too. Did 4th of July with Edog and Steve in Santa Cruz. That was fun.

  3. dreamer:. says:


    I am at a loss for words. That is soo bad ass to see you doing that cindy.
    Your hair looks amazing.

    love u,
    4 eva

  4. CAT says:

    Very nice and wonderful! I like your little sea horse in your painting! Fantastic trade off! I can’t wait to go diving myself. I wonder where all the mermaids were that day? Did you see any sunken treasure? or ships down there? Love talking to you these days……stay safe my dearest and nearest friend!

  5. Violet says:

    No wonder you don’t want to come home really bee you tee full!! Love love love you so much

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